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Statement Pieces Archives

31 Oct 2018

Trade alert: Feel the love with heart-shaped jewellery

We often see a trend for motifs in the world of jewellery. This spring and summer, for instance, tassels were huge news and adorned everything from earrings to chokers.

However, with the...

13 Jun 2018

Trade alert: Golden summer means time for glorious jewellery

Summer outfits are always exciting to plan and look forward to wearing, but that's even more the case when weather forecasters are suggesting we might be getting a much better summer in 2018...

10 Apr 2018

Trade alert: Sweet spring silvers

If last year was all about rose gold for jewellery buyers keen to stay on top of the biggest trends, then this year it's definitely silver's turn to take time in the limelight.


3 Jan 2018

January's necklace of the month: Our versatile mixed-metal chain

With the new year now in full swing and all the festivities having died down, it's not unusual to feel a little bit glum in January. Evenings are still dark, there's probably still a while...

19 Dec 2017

May the Force be with ... your accessories

(Please note that the following piece does not contain spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but does refer to plot points in A New Hope and Rogue One.)

So, have you seen it yet? We are,...

15 Dec 2017

What to wear on Christmas Day - whatever you're up to

There's nothing quite like Christmas Day, when family get together, you've got a big pile of presents to open and breakfast is gin and a selection box.

Obviously, there's not...

5 Dec 2017

Use December birthstone inspiration for great gifts

If you're one of our more organised readers, you'll probably have your Christmas shopping well underway by now as the festive season fast approaches.

However, you might also have...

28 Nov 2017

What to buy your trendy little sister for Christmas

We hate to tell you, but Christmas is sneaking up on us. By the end of the week, we'll be in December, which means that you need to start thinking about what presents you're going to buy...