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Style Tips Archives

27 Dec 2017

How to stand out on New Year's Eve

It's hard to believe that Christmas is now over for another year. But as we enjoy looking at our presents during the time we like to think of as Crimbo Limbo - and wearing the new stuff we...

20 Dec 2017

Swarovski star offers tips on sparkle

If you're a fashion fan, then you'll no doubt have heard of blogger Chiara Ferragni, who is the girl behind the tour de force that is The Blonde Salad.

She's always...

15 Dec 2017

What to wear on Christmas Day - whatever you're up to

There's nothing quite like Christmas Day, when family get together, you've got a big pile of presents to open and breakfast is gin and a selection box.

Obviously, there's not...

13 Dec 2017

What to buy your mum for Christmas - no matter what her style

We say this every time we write anything Christmas-related, but we'll say it again: where has the time gone? It feels like the mince pies have only just been broken out, but already the shops...

7 Dec 2017

Costume jewellery ideal for reviving workwear

Although many offices these days have relaxed their dress code and call for relatively casual attire, there are still a few that continue to require their employees to be suited and booted at all...

5 Dec 2017

Use December birthstone inspiration for great gifts

If you're one of our more organised readers, you'll probably have your Christmas shopping well underway by now as the festive season fast approaches.

However, you might also have...

28 Nov 2017

What to buy your trendy little sister for Christmas

We hate to tell you, but Christmas is sneaking up on us. By the end of the week, we'll be in December, which means that you need to start thinking about what presents you're going to buy...

22 Nov 2017

How the beret is back with a vengeance

Good news for anyone who enjoys wearing hats: the beret is firmly back in fashion for AW17-18. The French staple was sent down the runways of a host of designer brands, including Dior, Jacquemus...