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Style Tips Archives

6 Dec 2018

Trade alert: How to entice shoppers to your winter wonderland this Christmas

We know that many of you have retail stores alongside your online offerings, and right now will probably be putting the finishing touches to Christmas window displays, if you haven't...

21 Nov 2018

Trade alert: It's partywear time again, so round up the jewels!

If there is one thing that's keeping us going through the cold mornings and dark nights, it's the thought that the Christmas party season is just around the corner again.

We might...

13 Nov 2018

Trade alert: Take a retro return to the 1970s with groovy fashion trends

The 1970s often get a bad press fashion-wise - we tend to look back with scorn on the flowery prints, fluffy hair and garish colours and consign them to an era of bad taste.

But look more...

10 Oct 2018

Trade alert: Give your mood a boost with some cosy autumn styling

With the weather mostly getting cooler now (aside from the odd 20-degree blip) and the leaves turning some wonderful colours before drifting to the ground, there's no denying that autumn is...

25 Jul 2018

Trade alert: What to suggest your customers wear for a summer of love

There's just something about summer that makes you feel as though romance is in the air. Perhaps it's because it's warm enough to actually go out (as opposed to sitting for endless...

25 Jul 2018

Trade alert: How to make unique style a summer breeze

We all know celebrities who sell magazines and generate social media buzz because they have a style all of their own. Frome Kate Moss to Alexa Chung and the Olsen twins to Anna Wintour, some...

11 Jul 2018

Trade alert: How to accessorise a dreamy summer's eve

We often complain here in Britain that we never get a real summer, but that certainly hasn't been the case this year. Endless days of sunshine and balmy nights have resulted in plenty of time...

27 Jun 2018

Trade alert: Prepare for Prom Queen mania

There was a time when, at the end of Year 11, British teenagers would be perfectly happy with an end-of-year disco, non-uniform day and mass shirt-signing sessions with all of their friends to...