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Get ready to see Majique in YouTube's Ho Ho Holiday Hampers

If you're anything like us, you probably spend quite a lot of your leisure time on YouTube. We love this platform - it went from being purely a portal for cat videos and funny 30-second clips to THE go-to place for instructions, tutorials, video chats, unboxings and more.

It's almost always far more interesting than what's on TV, plus you feel as though you get to know some of the most prominent posters because you can chat with them in the comments section as well as simply watching their content.

Since you'll no doubt be logging on in the run-up to Christmas, we wanted to let you know that you might want to watch out for some of Majique's hottest new jewellery cropping up in the videos of YouTube's biggest names.

Why? Well, each year as Christmas approaches, our friends at Social Networking Solutions send out hampers to ten vloggers and influencers containing a selection of lifestyle-based products that could provide great ideas for gifts.

The bloggers unbox them live on video and showcase these products to their many followers who may be stuck as to what to get their friends and family for the big day - and they also helpfully provide links to the brands that sent them.

Just like last year, we've joined in and sent out a selection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings to a host of YouTubers so you can see what we've got available and quickly follow a link to get hold of our products.

These ten vloggers have a combined audience size of 461,000 - so if you see something you like from us, you'll probably want to snap it up quickly before their other followers jump in!

What's more, the vloggers often put our jewellery on their Instagram and other social media portals, which helps to create even more excitement about our great new products as Christmas approaches.

There are thousands of likes and comments each time a video is posted - and if you want to see some previous unboxings featuring Majique, check out GeeBox, MissAlex and KatesBeautyStation, to name but a few.

We're excited to be part of the Ho Ho Holiday Hamper campaign again and we hope it provides you with some useful Christmas gift ideas. And if you've come to us via YouTube by following a link from one of our benefiting bloggers, welcome!