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Metal detectorist helps find lost Christmas ring

A woman who managed to lose her engagement ring within hours of being presented with it over Christmas was saved from a lot of heartache - by a man with a metal detector.

Sunny Smith from Durham was proposed to on Christmas Eve and slipped her new ring on after excitedly accepting, i News reports. However, she went to tend to her family's horse on Christmas Day and disaster struck.

The jewellery slipped off somewhere in the stable and became lost. Ms Smith was undoubtedly distraught and after hunting fruitlessly, put out a Facebook appeal for help.

Luckily for her, 52-year-old Graham Duff read the post and sped to her aid. He has been a keen treasure hunter since the 1990s and has managed to find everything from medieval coins to posy rings during his time wielding a metal detector.

He went to the stable and after just a few minutes of searching, was able to reunite a stunned Ms Smith with her engagement ring.

The happy story spread so quickly that Mr Duff, a forklift truck driver by trade, was called upon to help another person who had lost a wedding ring just a day later.

Although Mr Duff was offered a reward by Ms Smith and her probably very relieved fiancé, he insisted he didn't do it for the money and was "more than pleased to help".

The cancer patient added in an interview with the newspaper: "With what's going on in my life at the minute ... it's cheered me up. I've been on a bit of a high."

Mr Duff is set to marry himself in April 2018 - and his partner Sue is probably safe in the knowledge that if she does lose her wedding or engagement rings at some point in the future, her soon-to-be-husband will be quick to come to her aid.

However, we think there's a cautionary tale to take from this: don't wear your best jewellery while feeding your animals. Ms Smith's disappeared while sorting out her horse and the unnamed second person's wedding band was lost while feeding hens, showing there's ample opportunity for rings to slip off in buckets of feed and other equipment.

If you do like to accessorise, it's best to have a few pieces of inexpensive jewellery to wear on those days when you do need to do jobs or even just housework. That way, you won't be kissing goodbye to a lot of money should they go missing.

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