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Trade alert: Hong Kong Jewellery Show demonstrates best in the biz

Going to trade shows is a great way of getting to know your industry and really gaining a better understanding of what's hot and what's not in your world.

As jewellery buyers, there are plenty of events you can attend throughout the year - but one of the best might be a little out of the reach of most people.

The International Diamond, Gem and Pearl Show and the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show were running in tandem last week and attracted a record number of more than 90,000 buyers from 141 countries and regions, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council said.

Luckily, there were plenty of pictures from the event to pore over and a number of write-ups from the likes of Professional Jewellery magazine to help us find out what the big trends were and what type of jewellery might be hitting the high street in the coming months.

An incredible 4,600 exhibitors went to Hong Kong to showcase their wares, from small independent businesses to the likes of Cartier and Harry Winston, with deputy executive director of the show Benjamin Chau saying jewellers have really blown it out of the water this year in terms of enhancing their designs and development capabilities.

We saw some really great pictures on Instagram, so it's well worth taking a look back over the past few days if you want to catch up and eye up some serious bling.

There were stylish pearl necklaces, some of which were set with diamonds and in multiple strands to achieve the ever-popular layered look, as well as innovative floral designs featuring real blooms set in resin.

We spotted plenty of glamorous cocktail rings and, of course, a lot of dangly earrings, as highlighted in our own trend report earlier this week.

Some designers also went for real show-stoppers, including Cartier with a raft of cheetah-based accessories and Autore, which showed off a beautiful seahorse necklace inlaid with a huge pearl for the belly.

Perhaps the prize for the biggest piece should go to Harry Winston though - the brand's enormous necklace designed to look like a snake wrapping itself around the wearer's neck would probably have weighed more than a real python.

Even if you didn't make it to Hong Kong either, it's still well worth stocking up on some lookalike pieces for your portfolio. After all, these are the designs your customers are sure to be coveting as they start to filter down to their own social media feeds.

And if you're wondering how you're going to find such items, don't worry - we've got it covered here at Majique. We have a necklace with a cheetah face and tassels a la Cartier and even a snake wraparound (but ours is a bit more wearable).

We also have a range of rings like this pretty flower style, as well as floral enamel necklaces to suit the trend of blooms in plastic.

There are also lots of pearl designs too, including a three-strand necklace that will help your customers copy the elegant one on display in Asia.

So, stock up, watch the goodies arrive - and feel as though you were in with the in crowd without having to rack up the air miles.