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Trade alert: How you can support Earth Day 2018

On April 22nd 1970, millions of people took to the streets in the US to protest about the devastating impact of industrialisation on the environment. With holes in the ozone layer and fresh knowledge about harmful chemicals causing the melting of the polar ice caps, a new movement of ecological awareness was growing.

Since then, Earth Day - as it came to be called - has become an annual global event and people across the world join together on April 22nd to campaign for better environmental protection and participate in civic action that could make changes for the better.

Whether it's planting trees, litter-picking or lobbying governments, billions of people make an effort on this particular day to improve the planet they call home.

This year, Earth Day has never been more important. With oceans becoming overwhelmed with man-made polymer materials and no easy way of disposing of them, the event for 2018 will focus on ending plastic pollution and eliminating as much single-use plastic as possible.

Our drive for convenience and use of things like plastic water bottles is having a devastating impact on the environment, so this is the time to take a stand and make a change - if everyone did even one small thing, it could make a big collective impact.

Here at Majique, we're big believers in environmentalism, so we thought we would put together a list of things you could do as jewellery buyers this Earth Day and beyond that could help to support the planet.

Make the most of pre-loved

Fast fashion is harmful to the environment, so instead of engaging in retail therapy on the high street this April, head to the charity shop instead. Forget images of moth-eaten old tat you might have in mind - these days, there are some real gems in thrift shops. By giving something already in existence a chance, you'll be reducing global production of clothing.

You could always accessorise anything plain you might find with earth-toned jewellery like these earrings, which can obviously then be re-worn multiple times with other bargains you might find.

Plant a garden

Green habitat for animals is being encroached upon at a truly saddening rate, meaning insects, birds and mammals are running out of places in which to live. Try donating a part of your yard, garden or even balcony to nature by planting a flower bed, window box or hanging basket with native species.

Pollinators will love it - and you can capture the happy feeling you create by commemorating it with jewellery like this butterfly brooch.

Sponsor an animal

Wild animals are under threat like never before, so your contribution to Earth Day could be to get in touch with a zoo and arrange to sponsor an endangered creature for however long you can afford. Remember your animal on a daily basis by treating yourself to a brooch like this one with giraffes, or this with a sweet baby elephant.

You could even support smaller charities closer to home, with their money going towards helping native species. The Barn Owl Trust, for example, will always welcome donations and you can help the beautiful birds like those ones you see on this brooch to survive and thrive.

Start a compost heap

If you have a garden, a really easy way to help the planet is with a compost heap or bin to reuse all your compostable waste as soon as it has broken down into soil. Leaves, leftovers and hedge clippings can all go in and become next year's flower beds, meaning you buy less from elsewhere.

Celebrate how virtuous you are by wearing green-themed earrings like these in turquoise with two leaves dangling down.

We'd love to see what you're doing this April, so do take photos for social media and tag them with #EarthDay2018, #EndPlasticPollution, #lessplastic, #plasticless, or anything else that corresponds. Tag us at #majiquelondon too if you're wearing jewellery that demonstrates your support for creating a better planet.

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