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Trade alert: Top trends from New York Fashion Week

With all the world's Fashion Weeks now having taken place, it's time to sit back, take a deep breath and really digest those wonderful looks we saw strutting down the runways over the past few weeks.
Every designer worth their salt has something to offer for these events, with the aim being to showcase the trailblazing new things they've created. Of course, they all hope that they'll become the big trends we all can't live without come next season.
Jewellery buyers and fashion traders alike are no doubt very much looking forward to SS18 and some gloriously summery new styles, but since the world of haute couture is always one step ahead, it's time to break off from that and take a peek at the stand-out style for next autumn and winter.
And since New York Fashion Week came first, we'll start there. Here's our round-up of the big looks you're likely to (eventually) see filtering down to the high street.
1.       Animal print
No longer the attire of brassy 1970s barmaids, animal print is back in vogue again and was spotted in collections from Victoria Beckham, Tom Ford and Michael Kors, among others. VB in particular did a gorgeous leopard print coat that really turned heads - but it isn't just that particular animal you'll be seeing this autumn.
Looks inspired by tigers are also big news, as are little pictures of animals sewn onto fabrics of clothes and handbags. If you can find something with a big lapel, then all the better.
Get the look in your jewellery with a bracelet like this, which has cougar detail and will perfectly set off an animal print coat.
2.       Silver
Metallics tend to do the rounds from season to season and for AW18-19, it's all about silver. From skirts to trousers and accessories, everything was focused on the futuristic metal, which is perfect if you like cool tones.
We have plenty of silver-toned jewellery in stock here, so you can start building your collection ahead of the big rush.
3.       Furry coats
A surprising and fun trend spotted in NYC was that for furry coats. We're not talking faux fur here - more like the teddy fabric we saw late last season. However, this time around it’s had an update in colour, with bright reds, pinks and anything else bold taking the place of the quiet neutrals we've seen before.
Why not have some bold jewellery ready to complement these coats? We love this necklace, which would liven up even the darkest days.
4.       Magenta
It's no doubt a follow-up to the 'Millennial Pink' trend, but magenta is really hot for the season ahead. This is quite unusual as it's more commonly associated with summer, but the hue is definitely going to be big towards the end of this year. And don't be surprised to see it head-to-toe á la Legally Blonde, either. If this is too much, give it a more edgy feel by mixing it with red.
Check out a great pink necklace here.
5.       Really dangly earrings
Earrings were once again big news on the catwalks, as long as they were... well, long. Studs are out for next autumn and shoulder-sweepers are very much in, so look for dangly styles like these to finish off any outfit.
6.       Androgynous dressing
Another follow-up to the #MeToo movement is the plethora of suits as eveningwear for women on the runways, with androgynous tailoring replacing flouncy evening gowns. Cut-out detailing and short hemlines prevented them feeling too much like workwear.
Complement suits with this choker, which has a dangly section that will reach the décolletage if you want to wear a blazer/camisole combo.
7.       Bold prints