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Trade alert: Milan Fashion Week wraps up catwalk sneak peeks

You'll know if you regularly catch up with us on these pages that we've been closely following the recent fashion weeks across the world in order to see what upcoming trends we'll all be wearing towards the end of the year.

You jewellery buyers might be looking forward to seeing the end of the snow and the arrival of spring fashion, but fashion types are already way ahead and thinking about their AW18-19 wardrobes.

It might, therefore, be worth taking a break from planning your SS18 collections in order to peer into the future and get a sneak peek of what you'll probably want to stock up on in the months ahead.

We've already covered New York and London Fashion Weeks, so the only one left to give you the lowdown on is Milan. Last in the calendar but by no means least in our estimation, it featured an array of covetable designs that will easily translate into high street fashions.

As Vogue magazine said, Milan was all about "modern glamour, light-catching embellishments and vivid slashes of colour acting as an antidote to aesthetic nonchalance". Cool-girl luxury was a major theme here.

Let's take a look at some of the stand-out trends to come from Milan.

1. Hats

This was a bit of a surprise, as headgear didn't really feature heavily on catwalks elsewhere in the world, but Milan was big on hats of all shapes and sizes. Gucci in particular offered beanies, caps and even balaclavas - so you'll be sure to find something you want this year.

We also think this is the ideal excuse to accessorise even further. Why not add a hatpin to yours for some decadent glamour? We've got this blue beauty, or one with orange and brown tones if you're feeling autumnal.

2. Hair accessories

MFW was all about accessories on heads, it seems, as sparkly hair jewels were all the rage across a range of designers. Crystals and diamantes were the biggest look here, covering everything from barrettes to crowns for a pretty prom queen feel.

You can get your hands on a sparkly headband here, or go for a slightly different look with a blue, flower-adorned style.

3. Bringing back the 80s

?Just like we saw in London and New York, Milan paid major homage to the 80s in its collections. However, Italy perhaps went the furthest in its tributes, featuring the boldest and brashest the decade had to offer. Versace was the best example and showcased bright tracksuits and trenchcoats alike, suggesting we'll all be copying come the end of the year.

In case you are thinking of investing in a colourful tracksuit, this bright necklace would make the perfect accessory to wear alongside it. We also have this striking dark blue necklace, with cobalt having been a big 80s colour.

4. Colour from the 70s

?In case the 80s are a bit too bold for you, Milan also took inspiration from the 70s in terms of colour. As a result, some beautiful earth tones made their way down the runways, including gorgeous mustards and even pared-down oranges.

They'll be ideal for casual or office wear, particularly teamed with complementary prints like plaid.

You can accessorise earth tones with these pretty leaf earrings, or these studs in a plethora of hues including mustard.

5. Neon a-gogo

?Following on from the 80s theme was a penchant for all things neon, with Prada leading the way in making the look cool in its space-age collections.