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Would you wear pink to work?

If you work in an office with a formal dress code, then the chances are that your weekday wardrobe consists of trouser and skirt suits in colours like grey, black and navy. And then probably some more black for good measure.

However, there was an interesting suggestion that another colour should be part of office attire on the AW17 catwalks - and that colour was pink.

Yes, you read that right: pink. It hasn't exactly been on the radar for work unless you have a career somewhere that allows you to wear whatever you like, but Armani and Oscar de la Renta were among the big brands showcasing it in their suits this season, the Telegraph reported.

This is certainly a departure because we're simply used to muted shades in the boardroom. Perhaps it's a throwback to the 1980s, when women were struggling to be taken seriously in their careers and toned down colour in a bid to help them achieve this - those early career girls didn't want to look weak in any way.

But now, with women on a more equal footing (arguably), perhaps there's a chance for self-expression to creep back in. After all, we've had years of austerity and financial gloom - maybe we're ready to cheer ourselves up in the workplace without the fear of being accused of not taking our jobs seriously.

It could also be a link to the #GirlPower movement that grew up during the American election, when women wore pink to support Clinton and the prospect of the first female president. Sadly, that didn't work out, but possibly the colour got a boost and an association with strength rather than weakness.

There could also be a connection with the millennial generation and Instagram - younger women are just used to seeing bold splashes of colour on their fashion feeds and so want to translate this when they make their first forays into the workplace, free from any prior associations with pink or any other shade.

At Majique, we like pink, particularly bold fuchsia. In colour psychology, the rosy shade is linked to hope and calm - and studies even suggest that it can reduce heart rates and feelings of stress, so maybe it really is the ideal colour to wear at work.

As ever, bring it in gradually if you're not sure. A pink shirt under an all-black suit is a good start, as is a pink handbag. Darker hues will tone it down and add sophistication, so mix grey and navy in the rest of your outfit.

Pink jewellery can also be a nice style statement, so check out our chic pink pendant and bracelet with multiple fuchsia stones. For a real nod to the eighties, our chain-link pink necklace is sure to turn heads.

What do you think? Would you wear pink in the office? Let us know over at