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Trade alert: How to entice shoppers to your winter wonderland this Christmas

We know that many of you have retail stores alongside your online offerings, and right now will probably be putting the finishing touches to Christmas window displays, if you haven't already.

However, this type of artistic endeavour can be tricky to get right. Perhaps you're still struggling and haven't got anything up yet, or are not quite happy with what you've achieved so far.

If that's the case, then fear not - we're here to help with a little advice that could boost your kerb appeal, increase footfall and hopefully raise sales of your fashion jewellery this Christmastime.

You have to remember that decorating a shop should be done with the aim of piquing the shopper's curiosity - and that festive decor in particular offers the chance to promise wonder and magic associated with your products.

You might not have the big budgets of the world's most famous brands and those best at Christmas window displays, but that doesn't mean you can't emulate them with well-decorated displays that encourage customers to come in and buy. Here are a few must-try tricks and techniques:

1. Lights alive

Having lights around shop windows are a great way to set you apart from your neighbours and they really help to draw in the eye, so the more, the better. Think spotlights inside as well as fairy lights around the edge and experiment with different angles and colours for a chic, interesting feel.

A few LED pillar candles at either side of the front door can also create a welcoming ambience and should survive whatever weather December presents.

2. Tell a story

Christmas decorations should never just be a hotchpotch of random trees, Santas and other paraphernalia, but should tell a story within a theme. Choose something like an icy wonderland or Santa's grotto and build everything around it, rather than throwing everything in.

Also, it stands to common sense, but make sure you incorporate some of your own products, cleverly woven in at different levels, to persuade lookers-on that they absolutely have to have them.

3. Don't forget the door

You might be focusing on your window, but don't let your door drag you down. Remember to add a chic wreath and a fresh lick of paint if the existing decor is peeling and unsightly. You can also attach strings of outdoor, battery-powered lights in vertical strips, as well as material made to look like the bow on a gift, which is a hugely popular trend at present (pardon the pun).

4. Hold an event

Going slightly off on a tangent, you could also consider holding an event to increase your footfall and get more people looking at your shop front. A Christmas shopping evening with free mince pies and mulled wine will go down a treat, as should catwalk events where people model your costume jewellery and suggest ideas for presents.

You could also host a competition where customers have to spot certain things in your window to win a prize - which means, of course, that they're paying it and consequently your products plenty of attention.

Decorating your windows for Christmas might feel like a daunting prospect on top of everything else you've got to do, but you should think of it as a marketing must-have that makes your store a Christmas destination.

Do it right and you could find that not only do you achieve more sales, but that your profile builds as existing customers share their photos of your amazing decor on social media.