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Cartoon Network teams up with H&M for new T-shirt range

Cartoon Network has partnered with H&M to launch a T-shirt range influenced by the animated series Adventure Time.

The products are now available in H&M stores worldwide and online, featuring lead characters Finn and Jake along with slogans from the show. Sizes 8-14 years old are available. 

Johanne Broadfield, vice-president of Cartoon Network Enterprises, Turner Broadcasting System, said: “Through creative collaborations with global retailers like H&M, our fans have the opportunity to express their individual style through looks inspired by their favourite Cartoon Network shows and characters.”

Ms Broadfield went on to say that Adventure Time has resonated with fans from a number of age groups over the course of its time on air.

It is not the first time H&M has collaborated with a TV show to capture the imagination of youngsters, as the retailer has previously released highly popular T-shirts influenced by Scooby Doo, Batman and a number of Disney characters.