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John Lewis sales see positive results at end of July

John Lewis saw positive results during the last week of July as year-on-year sales increased by 8.5 per cent. Trade was strong both online and in store as many areas started their school summer holidays.

This increase means that the first six months of the year has seen the retailers increase by 9.4 per cent.

Sales were particularly strong across the retailer's new format shops, rising by 33 per cent in the week. 

Online activity was also strong, although not as good as in store shopping. It achieved growth of 28.7 per cent in the week, and was measured as up by 25.7 per cent at the end of the first half of the financial year.

Paula Nickolds, director for buying and brand at John Lewis, said: “We rounded off the first half in warm sunshine for most of the UK and strong trade throughout. Total sales in the week were up nine per cent, in line with our cumulative performance leaving us nine per cent up for the half. 

"This is a fantastic achievement and provides a superb platform as we look ahead to the rest of the year.”