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Stars out in force for Cartier New York launch party

Cartier is one of the biggest and most emulated names in the jewellery industry - so when it held a launch party in New York for its latest collection, the stars were really out in force to join in.

This week saw the Resonances de Cartier event take place in Manhattan and we were interested not only to see the latest designs that will be filtering down to the high street, but the A-listers wearing them too.

Diane Kruger shone in a beautiful, figure-hugging red gown which she teamed with dangly, sparkly Cartier earrings, making for the perfect party look.

There was also Carey Mulligan in a black velvet gown, showing that everyone got the memo for full-on glamour to reflect the brand being showcased at this bash. She sported a huge diamond and emerald necklace that no doubt coast a small fortune.

Sofia Coppola looked fashion forward too, in a sheer polka dot dress with rhinestones - and, of course, some sparkly Cartier bling.

Cartier is always bringing out something new to add to its collections, although it does tend to adhere to the theme of being very sparkly - and very expensive! It's wonderful to look at though, and the brand has become legendary in its field like virtually no other.

It was recently announced that Cartier is to put 500 of its pieces on public display at its Fifth Avenue store in New York, showing off the, ahem, glittering partnerships it has enjoyed over the years with everyone from Grace Kelly to Elizabeth Taylor.

The exhibition will serve as a history of its designs and collections - so you know where to go if you fancy looking at some 143-carat emerald necklaces and huge diamond rings. Jewellery artisans will also be at work in the store to make new high-end pieces for future customers.

Of course, Cartier is way out of the price range of most of us mere mortals. But it's always fun to look - and there's nothing to say you can't aim to get the Cartier style on a much smaller budget. Just opt for big jewels and plenty of sparkle.

We love this necklace in emerald-look, while this one would be a real talking point with a gown like Diane's for a party.