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Heavy details are a must for 2017

No matter what style you can't wait to wear from the new season's top trends, there is one thing you need to team it with. Heavy detailing is a must for any look for SS17, with designers choosing to feature wonderfully detailed elements even in many of their simple ensembles.

Detailing, from patterns to embellishments and jewellery to accessories, helps to lift colours and designs. It makes a statement even when used in small doses, meaning you can totally switch up the focus of your outfit. 

Even swimwear for SS17 has made use of lots of details, introducing more texture, colour and styling options that we know you're sure to love. 

So how do you go about styling outfits that include heavy details? There are a number of ways, each of which should be done with care so as not to go totally over the top. Here are our best tips for really making the most of this luxurious look:

Keep it small

Heavily detailed elements draw the eye no matter what, so it doesn't need to be a case of go big or go home when you're using them. If you opt for small embellishments, it means you can go for items that contain a lot of small and intricate details.

Choose clothing that focuses the majority of the detailing in one area, such as around the hem, collar or within another small space. This allows you to get away with a bigger mix of colours and will also get people looking twice at your outfit.

Team with simple colours

If part of your outfit features a lot of details, the last thing you want to do is wear lots of bright colours. This will make your ensemble seem far too busy and stop everything from working well together.

Use single shades or soft colours if you want to team a couple of colours in one look. This will help your detailing stand out while also leaving the tones you choose looking extra fabulous.

You can also try featuring detailing in the same colour or one shade off, as this makes it more subtle but no less effective. This is a great option if you want to wear heavy detailing throughout your whole look as it stops it being too much.

Light fabrics work well

To contrast heavy detailing, make use of light and flowing fabrics. You can combine the detailed style with the sheer trend to contrast two totally different looks, as the see-through fabrics will help to show up things like embroidery and jewelled embellishments really well.

If you aren't a fan of sheer clothing, even wearing full, flowing skirts and dresses or wide-legged, loose trousers with heavily detailed elements will work well without leaving you feeling exposed. This means that detailed accessories like belts and bags are great items to have at the ready in your wardrobe as you can team them with anything.

Statement jewellery

If you want to introduce some detail into simpler outfits but don't want to wear another layer, jewellery is the perfect way to do this. You can easily complete an outfit by adding a single item of jewellery or several pieces that use a lot of detail.

Pieces like our detailed gold statement necklace work really well and look incredibly beautiful. You can wear it on its own or team it with other pieces - such as this pair of textured gold earrings - to create a balanced and glamorous look.

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