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5 hair trends that are hot for summer

This season has brought with it a lot of different styles and trends that the catwalk and high street have both made the most of. But it isn't just clothes and jewellery that are getting in on the action, as there are plenty of hairstyles that you still have time to try out before autumn.

We all know that our hair can help complete an outfit, so this season, you definitely want to do more than just leave it loose or tie it back in a ponytail. Here are five of the strongest looks that designers and celebs seem to be loving this season so you can make the most of your main before autumn arrives:

Slicked-back sass

Balmain is known for its super edgy designs and slight punk edge and this hairstyle works perfectly with this type of look, as well as others. The style sees your hair parted to the side and slicked back behind your ears before leaving the rest loose.

This wet-look style is highly groomed and has a lot of shine, while also being easy to replicate with the right products. If you're not one for taking a lot of time styling your hair, this could be the ideal option as all you need is smoothing spray, a brush and hair spray. 

To complete your edgy look, team this hairstyle with some asymmetrical earrings...