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Jewellery of the month: Mixed geometrics

You can never really go wrong with geometric shapes, whether you wear them throughout your clothing or jewellery. They are chic and effective while still being simple, allowing you to mix and match them with various styles.

It's no wonder that geometrics continue to play a part in fashion each season and this spring is no different. However, this season is all about combining bright and bold floral prints with geometrics, with designers like Gucci and Miu Miu sending this look down the runway.

However, combining these patterns and wearing them top to toe is a more difficult look to pull off than you might think. This is why jewellery is a great option for geometrics as you can team your pieces with any look to create an on-trend look in a simple way.

This means you can emulate the designers' catwalk ensembles without being swamped by patterns, as you can team pieces like our mixed geometric rose gold necklace with your stylish spring floral dresses.

Rather than just a single geometric shape, this one combines several to create a modern, interesting and textured look that makes a statement without you having to go too big with your jewellery. The rose gold shade is perfect for wearing with warm SS17 colours, as well as neutral tones.

If you want to go simpler still but also wear something totally modern, our silver asymmetrical mixed geometric earrings could be the ideal choice. These not only rock the trend for geometric shapes but also emulate styles for mixed earrings that have been popular on the runway for SS17.

Smaller pieces like this are ideal for teaming with floral jewellery if you want to wear the trend for mixed patterns in a more subtle way but still mix up your look. Of course, you can just wear them with more mixed geometric jewellery to really make the most of our jewellery of the month.

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