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Brooches are making a comeback

Here at Majique, we stock a wide range of jewellery and we've always had a particularly soft spot for brooches. They're so pretty and versatile, plus they make a great statement piece on a plain coat.

However, it's safe to say that the people who decide the trends don't always agree - a pretty pin doesn't feature too often on the pages of the fashion magazines and they tend to get overshadowed by necklaces and earrings.

This looks set to change, though, as the Telegraph has highlighted a range of experts saying that brooches are very much making a comeback and are likely to be worn by all the coolest people for AW17.

Indeed, big designer brands from Chanel and Dior to Bulgari have been giving brooches pride of place in their collections, showcasing how great they can be as an accessory.

Claire Choisne from Boucheron commented: "Brooches are an amazing way to express personality. Today, they are one of the most exciting and dynamic decorative accessories - really, a signature of style."

Brooches were enormously popular in the Victorian and Edwardian periods, when women would pin huge pieces to their chests that were supported by their sturdy corsets. When corsets (thankfully) fell by the wayside, we lost our way with brooches a little too.

But don't be put off by the idea that they're not as easy to wear as a necklace and you're not sure how to style them - it's time to bring them back and wear them with confidence.

For instance, try using a brooch to fasten the button of your work shirt for a really elegant finish, or put one on your blazer lapel to liven up a darker colour.

You also can't go wrong pinning one to the waistband or shoulder strap of an evening dress, particularly at this time of year when party season is about to get into full swing.

To select the right piece, just think about styles that complement your usual look and personality, as there's bound to be something to suit you. We love this brooch with simulation amber for what's left of the autumn, while bows like on this brooch are also a massive trend right now.

We also have plenty of pearl styles like this one in stock to create a sense of chic finesse.

And if you're at all unsure about brooches, we'll leave the last word to Italian jewellers Vhernier, who told the Telegraph: "If a woman wears a brooch, it's the first thing you see when she enters the room. Nothing conveys a greater sign of distinction or elegance."