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Jewellery for Valentine's Day - Trade alert

Trade buyers in the jewellery industry will have had a busy few months. Many of you now participate in Black Friday in November, then there was Christmas to contend with, followed by the January sales ... it's a lot to keep on top of!
However, even if you are feeling ready for a holiday, it's worth getting up to speed with Valentine's Day jewellery trends. There's still time to capitalise on this celebratory day, which we now make much more of a fuss of thanks to the American influence on our buying habits.
Consumers are increasingly looking to mark February 14th with gifts to their loved ones and even their single friends (Palentine's Day is apparently now a thing) - and it's not just a packet of Love Hearts or a single red rose they're buying.
You only have to look at TV ads and social media feeds to realise that people are spending a lot of money on this rejuvenated holiday, meaning that jewellery is once again going to be their go-to if they're unsure what their nearest and dearest might like.
Plenty of V-Day enthusiasts also like to adorn themselves and their belongings with hearts even if they aren't in a relationship, so there's a lot of scope for providing them with products that they can share on Insta alongside their red manicures and candy pink make-up.
Valentine's Day fashions don't tend to alter much from year to year - generally speaking, if it's got a heart on it, it'll fit right in. However, love-themed jewellery allows us to update that theme just a little, in order to create a millennial feel that's modern and funky, just like today's consumers.
If you think there's a gap in your stock that the Valentine's trend could fill in order to generate sales ahead of the rush for spring looks, then you've still got time to make the most of it.
Don't go trawling the thousands of pieces we have in stock though - we've put together a collection of four necklaces that will start you off.
This necklace has a single floating heart to suit your more minimalist customers and is reminiscent of the one worn by Bridget Jones in the first film, only it's rose gold to update it for right now.
Our second necklace has a plethora of hearts that appear to be floating on mesh and are made from hammered metal, while the third is a slightly more formal-looking piece that would be ideal for special occasions like date night.
Finally, the last necklace on the list is really fashion-forward and would likely suit the more Gothic-inspired woman thanks to its chunky heart and magnetic clasp.
Don't forget that these pieces will be suitable to buy and wear all year-round, so it won't matter too much if your business doesn't see a huge rush on V-Day. Love never goes out of fashion, after all!
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Happy Valentine's Day, however you're spending it in 2018!