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Jewellery gets bold and bright for winter

We might be approaching the darkest days of the year as meteorological winter gets into full swing, but jewellery fans aren't feeling gloomy. Instead, they're filling their jewellery boxes with bright, bold pieces designed to make them (and everyone else) feel optimistic.

Elle magazine reports that the most recent runways have been full of strong colours that help to embrace individuality, with rainbow hues aplenty in the world of necklaces, bracelets and rings.

As ever, it's young fashionistas that are leading the pack. Millennials, the magazine said, are seeking out "statement-making gems" that add an edge to their outfit but won't break the bank.

Jewellery expert Beanie Major said: "They want jewellery that makes them stand out from the crowd and reflects their own personality and style while still being affordable. Coloured gemstones are a great way to do this."

We're firmly of the belief that wearing jewellery should be all about expressing yourself, so it's great to see all of this colour making a comeback for winter and hopefully, as we move into next spring.

It's also the ideal way of giving yourself a pick-me-up each morning when you get dressed and notice it's just that little bit darker than it was last week.

Another positive is that millennials are realising you can get amazing-looking jewellery on a reasonable budget, rather than having to splash out on classic pieces like their parents and grandparents would in the past.

If you're going to treat yourself to some bright accessories, you could try going for one of three key pieces: a pendant necklace; an 'it' ring; or a pair of statement earrings (or, at our prices, all three).

This pretty necklace has a bright pink pendant and couldn't be more cheerful, while this one isn't technically a pendant but can't be left out because it has pink, orange, green and purple all in one. Wear yours with a plain jumper or a little black dress for maximum impact.

In terms of rings, look out for something chunky as well as bright. We'd recommend this one with a turquoise flower, which will see you right through to next year, while this one is a happy yellow with a bow, another of the season's biggest trends.

Finally, it's a case of the bolder, the better for earrings. These ones have turquoise, white, yellow and green, while these studs have a sweet mint flower and will be really striking against a winter white top.

Give them a try and see if you can beat the winter blues with rainbow hues.