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Majique's favourite trends of 2016

This past year has been full of great trends, fantastic styles and stunning pieces of jewellery. While we're getting ready for the looks that are to come in 2017 - and there are some gorgeous ones - we also thought we'd take a look back at some of the things we've been wearing over the past 12 months.

From high street styles, designer catwalk-inspired looks and Instagram trends, there has been some jewellery that we've absolutely loved! Although not all trends were completely wearable, here are some we couldn't get enough of:

Beautifully oversized

This year has been all about statement styles that are big, bold and beautiful. One particular item of jewellery seemed to follow the rule of the bigger the better, with chandelier earrings make a comeback in a huge way.

Designers showcased these styles on the runways as part of their SS16 trends, opting for layers of simple shapes or going for a more ornate vintage look. The bolder designs that featured circles and squares worked perfectly with styles taken from the 1970s, while delicate filigree and vintage designs - such as our black glass crystal statement earrings - were the perfect touches for Victoria-inspired ensembles.

When it comes to turning heads, you can't deny that statement earrings are still a winning way to do so. If you want to take this look with you into 2017, shop our stunning selection here.

Geometric simplicity

While highly detailed jewellery was a showstopper this year, we were also big fans of the simple geometric look. This trend used large items of jewellery in eye-catching geometric shapes, which looked gorgeous with absolutely any outfit.

Although earrings were a popular choice when it came to this look, oversized necklaces with pendants - such as this rose gold rectangle necklace - were must-wears. In fact, geometric looks never really go out of style and have a place as we head into the new year. You can shop all of our geometric necklaces here to ensure you always have something stunning to wear.

Fantastic florals

One trend that came about in spring and hasn't really calmed down is fantastic florals. This look was all about big and beautiful flowers that featured bright colours and unusual designs to draw the eye. These styles were used throughout clothing but looked fantastic in jewellery form, allowing you to totally change the look of any outfit.

Pieces like our silver mesh chain and diamante rose statement necklace are still ideal for adding a touch of springtime flare to your wardrobe. This necklace is ideal for wearing at night, especially as it will work with your LBD, favourite jumpsuit or even jeans and a T-shirt. 

You can be ready for spring and add a brighter touch to your winter wardrobe by shopping our floral necklace collection here.

With so many great trends this year, it's hard to choose which is our favourite, but we've done our best to bring you the hottest looks inspired by the catwalk. Keep an eye out for our new 2017 collection so you can be ahead of the curve.

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