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New trend alert: Raw crystals for a New Age feel

New jewellery trends are always cropping up thanks to the big fashion houses and celebrities' desire for fresh accessories - but we think the hippy in you is very much going to enjoy the latest one we've spotted.

There has been an increasing penchant for rings, necklaces and other pieces not with polished stones like we're used to, but with raw, unfinished crystals.

Grazia highlighted Alexa Chung sporting a crystal pendant on a string on Instagram, while Givenchy sent his SS18 models down the catwalks adorned with agate and Erin Fetherston recently showcased dresses styled with raw quartz pendants.

It follows on from a number of famous faces revealing they like to use crystals for wellbeing and balance in their everyday lives. Apparently, Victoria Beckham puts pink quartz and black tourmaline backstage at her fashion shows for luck and Miranda Kerr keeps a quartz wand in her handbag.

It's all part of a bohemian, mindfulness and spirituality movement that could be related to our disenchantment with our digital-dependent lives and feeling of 'always-on' stress that we're constantly being subjected to.

Maybe we're subconsciously feeling as though we need to reconnect with nature and tune ourselves back in to a more basic lifestyle. 

Another factor could be a bit of a rebellion against the perfect, immaculately posed images we're always seeing on Instagram and Facebook - sometimes it's hard to live up to that idealised view of the world and by opting for something more raw, it's a way of hinting we've had enough.

The last time we saw crystal looks used in jewellery to this extent was the 1990s, meaning it's another welcome trend to come from that era that we can't wait to embrace.

As ever, we've been keeping our fingers on the fashion pulse since noticing this type of jewellery starting to crop up, so we've already got items in stock that you can get hold of now.

This ring has a large chunk of imitation quartz suspended across the metal, while this one with a semi-precious blue stone has been shaped into a cylinder.

We also have this one with black crystals like you'd find in a geode, which is ideal if you like something that sits a little flatter.

Why not give one of them a go and feel your inner hippy coming out?