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Trade alert: Beach life and how jewellery can still fit in

It used to be the case that if you were going on a beach break, you kept your jewellery for evenings out at the hotel bar and left it safely packed away when it was time to hit the golden sands.

After all, there's salt water, sand, sun lotion and heat that can all threaten to dirty and tarnish your precious jewels, plus accessorising isn't all that practical if you want to actually swim.

That attitude has well and truly been consigned to the past, though, now that we live in the age of the celebrity and every photo ever taken being broadcast on Instagram.

Suddenly, we see the models and reality TV stars we follow piling on their necklaces and body chains to go to Barbados or the Maldives, and they look so extra that we want to do it too! To heck with practicality - we want to look immaculately accessorised at all times.

Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid and loads of the Victoria's Secret models have been snapped all blinged up on their jollies, so you might want to expect it among your customers this season too.

Jewellery buyers can get ahead of the game here by offering their customers not only style tips on how to rock fashion jewellery at the beach, but also care tips concerning how to look after new pieces after a hot day of sunbathing.

Care-wise, you'll want to promote bargain jewellery and inexpensive pieces that aren't going to break the bank if they get washed out to sea, as opposed to suggesting 18K gold accessories that would require a second mortgage to insure. We love these earrings, which look cute and designer yet are actually really affordable.

You might also want to suggest opting for adjustable bracelets like this blue friendship style and snug-fitting rings, as our bodies will expand and shrink as we go from hot beach to cold water and so could otherwise be lost (or get uncomfortable).

Another tip is to be careful that things like perfumes and sun lotions don't corrode jewellery items that have fabric or thread elements to them - jewellery buyers should recommend avoiding these, or only putting them on after lotion has had chance to soak in.

Style-wise, offer products that will give your customers that non-styled look (like the no makeup-makeup idea), as though they've simply thrown on their accessories and headed for the door. 

Earrings will look great against tousled, saltwater-lightened hair, particularly if they're dangly and feature boho motifs. This style from the Majique website ticks all the boxes thanks to their fluid feathers and silver tones.

Colour is also a great idea for this time of year, as it's all about fun and long, sunshiny days, so choose something like this necklace with its bold plastic beads to really stand out.

Finally, ditch delicate accessories in favour of something more chunky and substantial, like this beautiful necklace with lots of shiny flowers. It'll look fab against a white maxi dress.

Of course, there's plenty more available on our website, so stock up and ensure your customers look as good as their Insta heroes this year - even if they're rocking Mablethorpe as opposed to the Maldives.