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Trade alert: Bold blossoms, fresh florals and all things summery

You know what it's like in Britain: one bit of good weather after a tough winter and all of a sudden we're in full-on summer mode.

There might still be plenty of spring yet to come, but the 'heatwave' we're enjoying now could make for a good time to start planning your accessories for June, July and August. This is particularly the case if you're a jewellery buyer who wants to get the latest looks out in front of your customers.

It'll be easier to think about the warmer months ahead while we're basking in unseasonably sunny weather (however temporary it proves to be), plus you'll be ahead of the competition and ready to have your products showcased as good to go as soon as summer proper arrives.

With this in mind, we've put together a rundown of some of the biggest summer jewellery looks for SS18 that you're sure to be seeing all over social media before too long.

From blooming blossoms to glam gold, Majique has got it covered to make your life easier - so let's take a peek at what's coming up.

Fresh, floaty and boho

We've been seeing a lot of chunky jewellery such as thick bangles and chokers over the winter, but things tend to get a bit lighter during the summer. Whether we get really hot weather or not, anything too heavy just looks far too fussy.

Instead, you want minimalist pieces that appear effortless even when they're not, such as stud earrings or boho necklaces like this one with a yellow and khaki tassel (tassels are also huge news for this year). Silver-toned rings with coloured or white stones will also look lighter than sparkly diamantes on your fingers.

However, gold tones can also be summery in the right settings, as the earthy hues flatter tanned skin. We love this bracelet with rose and yellow trees, for example, which also look a bit like coral and are therefore perfect for the beach.

Take on turquoise

One colour that looks fresh every summer is turquoise - it provides a free-spirited feel that's great with all your lighter clothes. We love to see white dresses and skirts with turquoise jewellery, plus it's a really easy style to rock for the beach or a day out.

You can incorporate the colour into your accessories wardrobe with these earrings, which have big chips of imitation gems and will make a statement against a simple outfit.

Never-ending circles

We've seen a lot of interlocking circles over the past few months and for summer, they're going to continue to be a fashion staple. However, they're also getting lighter and you'll tend to see them as outlines like on this necklace, rather than big chunks of metal. 

This follows on from runway looks by designers like Chloe for SS18, where rings made up of multiple circles were also in vogue.

Leather-look straps

Necklaces with leather strands offer a great alternative to metal and they also instantly up the rock chick factor, keeping your summer fashions contemporary yet not heavy.

Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner are among the celebs seen wearing leather jewellery, so try Majique's style with red and yellow shapes to get in on the trend.

Layering up

We might be taking layers off our clothing, but we're adding them to our summer jewellery, However, you should be looking for pieces that already incorporate layers to avoid that fussiness we were talking about earlier.

Inspiration for this look comes from designers including Dior, Saint Laurent and Giambattista Valli, making it an instant must for social media darlings.

Layered necklaces can make any outfit look that little bit cooler and they're available with an array of motifs and charms, including this pretty flower with a tassel underneath.

What will you be shopping for as the summer months approach? Keep up with the latest trends by signing up to our newsletter here.