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Trade alert: Get your festival favourites ready now

When summer starts, you know it's also time for another exciting part of the calendar: festival season.

For many people, these have become about so much more than just the music. They're a chance to share an experience with friends, spend some time away from the rat race and - perhaps most importantly - to make a style statement.

Thanks to vast celebrity attendance at many festivals (we're thinking of Coachella in particular) and the Insta generation, festival style has turned into a whole new genre of fashion, with outfits and accessories widely copied across social media.

However, due to the fact that festivals are outdoor events and, by their very nature, away from traditional creature comforts, they can be quite difficult to get right when it comes to what to wear.

As a jewellery buyer, that's where you can step in for your customers now to ensure they have exactly what they want in time to pack it into their rucksack and hit the road.

Provide a little timely advice, show them the accessories you have to offer and you should find your audience is receptive and ready to spend their hard-earned cash with you, not the competition.


It's hard to choose festival jewellery, because you know you'll be spending your time in a field, potentially up to your knees in mud. It's safe to say you don't want to take anything along that is immensely valuable or so dangly it'll get covered in muck.

Jewellery buyers can therefore focus on recommending inexpensive fashion pieces that make a statement but won't break the bank.

Shoppers are also likely to be receptive to items that won't get in the way, so put long necklaces on the backburner for now in favour of chokers and statement earrings.


No matter what the year, festivals will always have that boho, hippy thing going on. Stock up on fashion jewellery that's channelling Woodstock and you can't go far wrong, although you will have to keep the point above in mind and perhaps forget the feathery dreamcatchers.

Keep tabs on the festivals going on in the US, as they're usually ahead of us in terms of both favourable weather and trends. Typically, if you keep seeing the same kind of jewellery over there now, it'll be over here this summer thanks to the spread of photos in magazines and on social media.

For example, you can't move at the moment without seeing someone on Instagram in tassel earrings. They're absolutely everywhere and they're great for festivals for a number of reasons.

First, you can get them in multiple colours from cobalt to neon green, meaning they will complement virtually any outfit.

Secondly, they make a big statement that means you don't have to wear other jewellery if you don't want to. This is ideal for packing light and also not losing items in the bottom of a rucksack.

Finally, they're light and out of the way in your ears, which takes us back to the practicality issue raised above.

You can get hold of tasselled orange earrings here, or black ones finished off with a gold-toned disc here.

We'd also highly recommend multi-strand charm earrings like these for hippy chic at festivals, as well as our drop earrings featuring multiple gold-toned circles, which remind us of boho belts we wore circa 2003.

Get ahead and stock up on festival accessories now and you should find your customers thanking you in a few weeks' time. And perhaps remind them that a pair of wellies might be a good idea, too.