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Trade alert: Go for gold with rich antique tones

We always see a lot of bling over the Christmas party season, and it's fair to say that we have already been advocating all things sparkly as we prepare for the onslaught of festive parties.

However, there is an alternative for people who feel that a lot of bling isn't for them: going for gold. At this time of year, gold is the perfect metal to choose because it adds a subtle aura to the skin and also provides a nod to the decorations we'll soon be putting up in our homes.

And for jewellery retailers, costume jewellery in antique gold tones is ideal because it's inexpensive as well as bang on-trend.

That means you can provide your customers with all the accessories they need at a great price, something they'll be grateful for as they juggle their Christmas present budget while still trying to look great at all those gatherings.

If you stock up on gold-toned pieces as well as all things sparkly, you should find you have something to cover all bases when it comes to people browsing your website or store.

Don't forget to show them off to their fullest either, as pictures of glamorous models wearing your jewellery as the finishing touch to a dazzling outfit can really make a difference when it comes to convincing shoppers to buy.

So, what items are set to be hot over the party season in tones of gold? Well, you can't go wrong with gold-toned hoops, which have been huge news at design houses like Louis Vuitton lately.

There are dozens of styles available here at Majique, but we love these fringed-look earrings for 2018, as they'd look perfect with any colour of dress or top.

Rose gold-toned jewellery also continues to be a fashion staple as people seek out a little warmth in their accessories, so cater for them with this pretty statement collar necklace (which also has some sparkle as a bonus).

For a slightly more subtle feel, this necklace is ideal, while this minimalist collar is a great choice for customers who have a fancy outfit and want something basic just to finish it off.

Prada once said that fashion is instant language, so let your collection speak for itself by going for gold.