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Trade alert: How earrings should be worn big this season

We might still be shivering in the cool winds of early spring, but the eyes of the fashion world have already been firmly on autumn and winter as the big designers show off their wares for late 2019 and early 2020.

As ever, we've been busy following the posts, Instagram shots and blogs covering the catwalks and all our favourite fashion houses, with everyone from Gucci and Prada to Saint Laurent and Marni getting in on the action.

We know that as jewellery buyers, you're probably keen to get a sneak peek forward too - and we thought you'd be particularly interested in one big trend that we've seen featuring heavily on all the biggest runways: statement earrings.

Now, this isn't entirely new, we admit - big earrings have been doing the rounds for several seasons as a means of accessorising an outfit. However, these collections proved that the look isn't going anywhere and is in fact going to be strengthened going forward, with almost every model wearing some kind of chandelier or shoulder-skimmer.

In fact, the statement look was so pronounced that it looks to be a case of 'go big or go home', as Vogue magazine reiterated in its catwalk roundup.

It wasn't just one type of big earring either, but rather a case of anything goes. Do you love botanical styles with colourful flowers? You're in luck, as we spotted some of those. How about geometric plastic earrings? Yep, those too!

Even really dramatic ear-covering sculpture styles paraded down the catwalks, with some from Saint Laurent looking a little bit like an ear from Star Trek and others from Gucci imitating a conch curled around the entire pinna. Well, it adds new meaning to a word in your shell-like, doesn't it?

These might be pared down somewhat by the time they reach the high street in several months, but it's fair to say that we're still not going to be seeing much of anything dainty in our earring wardrobes in the near future.

It's worth taking note of this and stocking up on the type of cheap costume jewellery that people can treat themselves to for your shop.

Earrings are an easy way to disguise bad hair days, liven up even a staid outfit and transition from boardroom to bar, so having a great range in can tempt your customers to make a purchase when they might not want to splurge on new clothes or other costly items.

We have scores in our range here at Majique, so feel free to take a look at what's new for this season and what you might want in your portfolio going forward.

We love these long butterfly earrings in worn gold-look, while these with silver tassels and hoops above are very designer-esque and a dupe for some we spotted on the catwalks.

These like big leaves will be ideal for any season, and these beautiful filigree-style danglers will be perfect as spring moves into summer when teamed with boho dresses.

Get in on the trend that won't quit and add to your stock of big earrings today!