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Trade alert - In Style: Chunky Chains

We don't know if you've noticed, but it's a while since really dainty necklaces have come to the fore in the fashion jewellery world. Instead, accessories buyers and consumers alike have been flocking towards chunkier, more statement pieces to finish off their looks.

It could partly be down to the growing movement of women wanting to demonstrate their strength in everyday ways, following on from the gender pay gap row and various sexual assault scandals in Hollywood; we want to show the world we're immovable and not to be messed with, which a sturdy piece of jewellery can achieve in a subconscious rather than an in-your-face way.

And if there's one style of necklace that we're seeing time and time again lately, it's the chunky chain. Every A-lister worth their salt has been spotted wearing one, while the big fashion houses have repeatedly included them in their collections over the past few months, whether they were for winter or summer.

Styles by Ralph Lauren and Tiffany have been snapped up by savvy fashionistas, while Amanda Wakeley's silver chain design is a wardrobe staple for none other than Theresa May, especially when she's got something important to say.

Chains symbolise strength and stability, but they also add a flash of character that you might not get in other types of necklace and they show you've got your finger on the pulse of the latest trends.

They can also add interest to outfits that are otherwise plain and safe, making them ideal for wearing to the office where formal attire is required (you might find you're getting your own way in the boardroom more often if you add them to your work wardrobe!).

Furthermore, chain necklaces are suitable for virtually every type of neckline you might have at home or see in the shops over the coming months, so you needn't shelve them because they 'won't go' with particular outfits.

We love to see mid-length chains with boat neck tops, which you're likely to be spotting more of as spring goes on - look for navy striped T-shirts with three-quarter sleeves to wear with silver chains and white trousers for a nautical feel.

This style will also pair well with off-the-shoulder tops, especially if you feel there is otherwise a little too much neck on show for comfort.

And if your chain has an extender, you'll also find it goes well with the lightweight crewneck jumpers that are big news right now and likely to continue to prove useful when summer nights prove cool.

If we've convinced you that chains are the way to go for SS18 and beyond, then you can stock up now thanks to Majique's great range of styles. This one is a dead ringer for Mrs May's (considerably more expensive) necklace, while this one has slightly smaller links and comes in a worn gold tone that's great to wear with warmer hues.

Make a statement in colourful bold acrylic here, or hark back to vintage Chanel with this chunky beauty in polished gold tones that lie flat to the neckline.

Meanwhile, the silver chains on this style are more understated and ideal for the weekend and this one that's a bit like chain mail offers a layered look that will go equally well with eveningwear or lightweight knitwear.

Put yourself and your customers in chains this season - and if you want more tips about quirky jewellery that you might want to invest in, sign up to our newsletter here.