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Trade alert: It's go big or go home with jewellery this autumn/winter

If there was one thing that was clear from the catwalks displaying the fashions of A/W18-19, it was that jewellery will not be playing second fiddle to anyone's outfit.

No, accessories took firm centre stage on the runways of some of the world's biggest brands, building on the trends we've seen for oversized bags and shoes on the likes of Victoria Beckham.

It's a definite return to the days of fearless bling and fashion-forward accessories making an outfit speak for itself as opposed to simply complementing it.

Burberry, Mulberry, Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs were among the designers channelling the vibe made popular in the eighties, sending their models out with over-sized chandelier earrings and layered bracelets and cuffs.

Dolce & Gabbana was another fashion house to embrace this A/W trend, with its models sporting matching (and enormous) necklace and earring combinations that had the front row scrambling for their smartphones.

Many of the designs featured geometric shapes that were placed together like modernist works of art, but plenty more showcased natural motifs, particularly leaves and birds. There was even the odd lion's head, which made us very much think of Dallas and Dynasty from 30 years ago.

If there was one piece that stood out in this 'go big or go home' trend, it was the cuff; collection after collection on the catwalks featured these chunky bracelets that are ideal for day or night (although perhaps not so practical when you're tapping away at the computer in the office).

Alexander McQueen's cuffs, for instance, were thick and shaded in beautiful forest green to make a real style statement.

There was also a lot of gold tones rather than silver, which is interesting and could mark a return to more confidence in the economy and our lives in general.

We're always fascinated to see what makes its way from runway to high street (and Instagram) shortly afterwards, whether that's dainty accessories or something more in-your-face.

However, we always have a soft spot for anything oversized because of the way it speaks for itself, confidently and unapologetically. It means you can wear something simple yet still look social-media ready, which adds up to less sartorial effort for a great payback.

And as a jewellery buyer, the trend represents a fantastic opportunity to showcase some amazing, designer-look pieces that your customers will be sure to want to snap up right away.

We have plenty of chunky, oversized pieces of jewellery here ay Majique, including these unusual earrings that fit the bill in terms of both size and geometric shape.

We also love this bracelet, which would look lovely alongside some of the chunky teddy-bear knitwear we've been seeing highlighted for A/W18-9.

And for a real showstopper, check out this gold-tone cuff bracelet, which truly channels Cleopatra and would stand out alongside any little black dress for partywear.

So, don't be a wallflower this season - let your jewellery do some super-loud talking.