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Trade alert: Jewellery goes Glam Rock as party season approaches

There's always plenty of fun to be had as the year draws to a close and fashion moves in to autumn and winter styles. Unlike in spring and summer, you feel as though you can get away with something a little more over the top when you're putting your outfits together.

That's certainly the case for A/W18-19, as the powers that be have decreed Glam Rock is back. This is really exciting for anyone who likes to make a statement with their fashion, because this trend doesn't whisper - it shouts.

In its blog, Jewellery London revealed its reporters had been checking out all the hottest catwalks for this season and noticed there was a lot of heavy metal/Glam Rock styling going on. Lustrous metallics, glitter, dramatic makeup, full-length gloves and bright colour were everywhere, meaning we're likely to see it trickling down to the high street very soon.

Don't be put off if you're thinking the trend won't be for you or your customers, though. Unlike really Gothic styles, Glam Rock doesn't revolve around black and that almost Halloween-style look.

Instead, it covers a variety of different fashions and can be worn by anyone, young or old. Glam rock had its heyday in the 1970s, with David Bowie and T-Rex pioneering a new, androgynous eccentricity and inspiring a plethora of platform boots and shiny leggings.

In the 1980s we didn't lose that out-there feel, although it did evolve into the Guns N' Roses-type styles of big hair, lots of eyeliner and leopard print combined with Spandex.

This in turn moved along to the indie band style of the early noughties - and then, of course, Lady Gaga and Cia have revamped the dramatic makeup and clothing of the Bowie era to bring Glam Rock almost full circle.

Today, Glam Rock is still all about the theatrics and incorporates plenty of sequins, facial glitter, studs and leather. You can easily pay homage in a small way by wearing leather-look leggings and a metallic T-shirt, or you can go all-out for Christmas party season in a sequin-adorned dress with silver Barbarella boots - the choice is yours.

As jewellery buyers, you'll have no end of products to tempt your customers with, as really anything goes in terms of this trend. We love this light gold necklace with lots of squares, as well as this worn, mixed-metal disc bracelet for a toned-down feel.

There's also this fab choker with a ribbon tie and silver spangles - and what could be more Glam Rock than this amazing, scarf-style necklace in a rhodium tone? It would instantly jazz up a plain black tee or dress.

Don't hold back this autumn and winter - get ready to Glam Rock!