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Trade alert: Monogram everything as names, initials and sentiments return

If you're into jewellery or simply popular culture, then you'll definitely remember the famous 'Carrie' necklace from Sex and the City.

Sarah Jessica Parker's character regularly wore the accessory with her name on it, sparking thousands of copycat pieces and a trend that covered pretty much the entire world.

It might be 20 years since SATC first graced our screens, but some things never change: we still love jewellery with a little bit of personalisation. And the big fashion houses seem to have caught on, because monograms, sentiments and names are back in a huge way.

Designer brand Chloe's collections for this AW featured initial rings that could be worn on their own or in multiples to spell out a word, while Celine's models sported big initial pendants in gold that really made a statement.

The trend was firmly cemented when Meghan Markle stepped out in a fine gold necklace with a tiny 'M' and 'H' from it to represent her love for her new prince.

It's interesting to note that this time, the fashion is more about individual, customisable ways of expressing yourself as opposed to full script names.

So initials are great, but your entire moniker on a necklace is probably a bit too much. If anything, at least that'll stop weirdos on the Tube from being able to find out what you're called and talking at you.

For this season, there's really no shortage of styles to choose from for your monograms, whether you want in-your-face bling a la Celine or something more dainty like Meghan. You can also choose from a range of metals, from silver tones with sparkle to delicate rose gold plating.

It's right on trend to layer up your different pieces too, so you might want to wear two necklaces to denote your initials and your partner's or children's, rather than one with two charms on it.

Don't forget that initial or sentiment jewellery is highly giftable, so it might solve a problem of what to get loved ones for Christmas this year as well as being a great treat for yourself.

And if you don't want your name or initial, an inspirational word can be the perfect compromise. We have plenty in stock at Majique, including this pretty necklace that says 'shine' and this one that reads 'love'.

We also adore this bangle that also says 'love' and, coincidentally, looks a lot like the keyring given to Carrie by Louise in the first SATC movie.

That brings us full circle, so if the jewellery buyers among you want to stock up for this trend, just head to our website and look for the collections in the 'sentiments' category. You'll be spoilt for choice!