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Trade alert: Wordy jewellery sends an instant text message

We don't know if you've noticed, but there are a lot of products on the high street right now with feel-good slogans emblazoned upon them.

Things like 'I'm not weird, I'm limited edition'; 'Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons'; and 'Be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn' can be found on everything from cushion covers to reusable coffee containers, meaning they're making their way into our homes, too.

It follows on from slogan-related clothing, which we reported late last year was enjoying a comeback on the catwalks. In particular, there were lots of phrases on T-shirts and jumpers aimed at empowering women and displaying support for movements such as feminism, like 'the future is female' (Chanel).

This might be dismissed as just another Instagram-fuelled trend, but it could be more significant than this. We think it actually comes from a 21st century need for reassurance at a time when we might be emotionally disconnected from our peers. Sure, we have all the mod cons like Wi-Fi and central heating these days, but never have we put so much pressure on ourselves to look great, soar at work and shine on social media at the same time.

Sometimes, this pressure might result in you feeling stressed out and like you might be losing your mind just a tiny bit - and although it might sound silly, seeing positive affirmations can give you a powerful tool for empowerment and positivity and a weapon against this negative mindset.

Short, upbeat statements like 'I can and I will', 'never ever quit' and 'what would Beyonce do?' might truly provide a mental boost, giving all these cute little slogan-themed accessories brand new meaning.

Not only can you find these inspirational, aspirational messages on the high street, as highlighted by Accessories magazine in a recent article, but they're also popular in jewellery - and that's where jewellery buyers might want to step in.

Seeing positive messages on their own wrists is sure to appeal to your customers, but these items are also highly giftable - they're a way of passing positivity on to other people and telling them you love them, so anyone in your store could well be interested in buying wordy jewellery as a present.

For instance, this 'dreams come true' necklace might be ideal for someone looking to start a new career, as would this 'keep your eyes on the stars' pendant.

This one is perfect for someone keen to say 'I love you', while this style is aimed at sisters who might not say it enough in real life.

Stock up with Majique now to make the most of this meaningful trend and fill your store with positive sentiments.