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Trade alert: Are you ready for the royal wedding?

In just over a week's time, the eyes of millions of people across the globe will be firmly glued to the television to watch another much-anticipated royal wedding.

On May 19th 2018, Prince Harry will tie the knot with former Hollywood actress Meghan Markle, whom he has been dating (we feel as though we should say 'courting' as such a formal occasion approaches) since 2016.

The date seems to have crept up very quickly, so we're all set to tune in and watch as the guests and the happy couple head to St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle in time for the noontime ceremony.

It's sure to be a day full of wonderful pomp and tradition, glamour and romance - and we can't deny that we're thoroughly looking forward to seeing what the blushing bride will wear. Both her dress and the accessories she chooses are sure to be beamed across the globe and no doubt copied by women everywhere.

Importantly, as jewellery buyers, this is where you come in. Meghan is already a style icon, so other brides might opt to emulate her gown and jewellery by looking for exact matches. Have the right products in stock and you could meet their needs and ensure they become your customers as opposed to someone else's.

Meghan's jewellery style

Of course, we can't tell yet what's going to be in demand, because what Meghan will wear is being guarded like a matter of national security.

However, we can make a few predictions based on her usual style and royal tradition. To begin with, Diana, Princess of Wales left her jewellery to her sons when she died, which means Harry could well pass on a piece from his mother to be his bride's 'something old'. This would be a wonderful touch and it will be fascinating to see what he (or perhaps Meghan herself) chooses.

Another point is that Meghan has so far demonstrated a really great flair for jewellery style since taking the royal limelight. She wears pieces that are dainty yet also quirky and really contemporary, such as a fox necklace during one royal engagement.

We've also seen her in various stacker rings, ear climbers, mismatched earrings and bar-design bracelets over the past few months, showing she's really got her finger on the style pulse. Of course, royal decorum and tradition will partly dictate what she opts for, but it would be great to see this contemporary flair crop up in her wedding outfit in the form of some quirky bridal jewellery.

Finally, Meghan's accessories will of course depend on her gown, which the Daily Mail recently reported is being designed by Ralph & Russo Haute Couture. The jewellery has to accent and pick out the look of the dress without standing out so harshly as to take the focus away from it.

Again, we can't predict what jewellery will go because we haven't yet seen the dress ... but Meghan once told People magazine: "Classic and simple is the name of the game, perhaps with a modern twist. I personally prefer wedding dresses that are whimsical or subtly romantic."

She also cited Carolyn Bessette Kennedy as her wedding style icon, who famously wore a bias cut slip gown that's been emulated by minimalist brides everywhere.

This might mean the dress is going to be quite simple and ethereal as opposed to full-on Hollywood dazzle, which could lead to a similar look being picked up in the jewellery.

What we'd choose for Meghan

Here at Majique, we'd love to see Meghan in something with a nod to vintage jewellery, such as these earrings with a very Art Deco feel. They've also got both sparkles and pearls, so would be very apt for a royal wedding.

These are also showstopping earrings for an updo, yet manage not to be too in-your-face at the same time, while these sparkly studs would be subtle if the bride has her hair down.

Necklace-wise, we'd choose this style for Meghan if she has an open neckline, because its collar-like design is modern but also sweet. For more of a statement, this necklace with its highly unusual layout of pearls would also be a great choice.

Finally, this type of bracelet with its vintage look could be ideal if Meghan has short sleeves. However, we wouldn't be surprised if she foregoes this type of accessory...