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Trade alert: Golden summer means time for glorious jewellery

Summer outfits are always exciting to plan and look forward to wearing, but that's even more the case when weather forecasters are suggesting we might be getting a much better summer in 2018 than we have enjoyed for the past few years.

Although the Met Office are stopping short of using the word 'heatwave' (and bar the odd storm bringing 70 mph winds), they do agree that we're likely to see a warmer and drier than average season over the coming weeks.

We don't know about you, but we'll happily take that! However, it does mean a little extra preparation in terms of fashion and accessories, just as it would if you were planning a summer holiday and knew it's likely to be hot.

Dressing for hot weather should appear effortless and look fabulous - think of the Sex and the City girls in humid New York and you'll get just what we mean - even if that great outfit has taken a lot of careful consideration.

If you're a jewellery buyer, now's the time to plan the pieces that you want to show off and make some suggestions as to what your customers might like to team them with in terms of clothing, as summer dressing can be tricky.

However, it's actually the ideal time for experimentation - particularly with accessories - because warmer weather requires fewer layers and so making additions won't suddenly seem too much like it might in the winter time.

For example, you can opt for a simple dress in a block colour and really go to town with statement necklaces and stacked bracelets, which is what you want to start demonstrating now.

Similarly, chunky fashion jewellery can also make a great style point against workwear in the summer, whereas it might risk appearing a little OTT against bigger blazers in cooler weather. City shorts, a crisp shirt and a layered choker will offer an instant hit of chicness without leaving you feeling trussed up.

Don't forget to show your customers that different metal tones can look great against summer skin either - rose and yellow gold are perfect with a tan, but silver tones can also perfectly complement outfits at this time of year, particularly white and pale blue.

We've got plenty of summer fashion jewellery here at Majique and we appreciate that it can be hard to know where to start when you're a jewellery buyer looking to build a capsule collection.

That's why we'll offer you some suggestions now and then leave you to go from there with your own ideas. We love this sparkly necklace with lots of hibiscus-like flowers, which will be ideal against a bandeau top and can take the wearer from daytime to evening.

We also have this sparkly flower necklace, which has smaller yet more numerous blooms.

Rose gold is an ongoing trend, so don't miss out on this necklace with geometric diamantes, which we'd love to see with a white shirt and red lipstick.

And worn yellow gold never goes out of fashion for this time of year, so this necklace with lots of metal discs is sure to fit the bill.

Hot or not, stock up with us and we can help you make this summer shine brightly.