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Use December birthstone inspiration for great gifts

If you're one of our more organised readers, you'll probably have your Christmas shopping well underway by now as the festive season fast approaches.

However, you might also have December birthdays to contend with before then (or after the 25th), which means another episode of gift-buying on top of their Christmas presents.

What can you possibly get that's different enough from what you've already chosen, looks thoughtful and - importantly - doesn't break the bank at this expensive time of year?

Well, you could opt for a piece of jewellery that reflects this month's birthstone, as it will show you've been thinking about the recipient and also offers you plenty of choice.

December babies as positively spoilt because they have three birthstones to pick from: Tanzanite, turquoise and zircon. And you might be interested to hear that we have great imitations of each stone in jewellery form here at Majique to assist you with gift-buying.

First, here's a little bit about the three December birthstones to provide you with some background and get you started on what they mean symbolically. Fittingly for this time of year, they are all varying shades of blue that will perfectly reflect the winter frosts and snow.


Made from the mineral zoisite, Tanzanite is a relatively recent addition to the world's portfolio of gems. It has only been available since the late 1960s and was named after the small geographic region of Africa from which it is mined.

Indeed, so rare is Tanzanite that miners can only retrieve it from a few square miles of land in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro. This limited availability and the stone's beautiful deep blue colour make it highly sought-after by jewellery fans - and a good alternative to sapphire.


Not to be confused with synthetic cubic zirconia, zircon dates back an incredible 4.4 billion years in Australia and is very underrated as a gem.

It typically demonstrates a very pale blue colour, but can also be much clearer, meaning that it is also a popular stand-in for more expensive diamonds.

Traditionally, zircon has been used to aid sleep, ward off evil, promote prosperity, increase confidence and provide the guidance needed to achieve goals.


The US leads the way in the production of turquoise, which is found in arid regions where rainwater dissolves copper and other minerals in the soil to produce a striking bright blue-coloured stone.

It is a staple in Native American jewellery and its warriors used to adorn their weapons with turquoise for luck and accuracy. Now, it is a prized gemstone and often paired with chunky silver for a striking look in rings and pendants.

A gift of colour

You'd no doubt gift real gemstones if at all possible, but it's fair to say that many of you won't have the budget to stretch to this, particularly at Christmas.

Don't worry, though - Majique offers some fantastic imitation stones, meaning you can still get the colours and then add a sweet note saying you made your choices based on December's birthstones.

For example, these beautiful earrings have imitation turquoise and also a dreamcatcher style for a really south-western feel. We also have a mock turquoise ring with diamantes that's a dead ringer for some of the more expensive styles we've seen on Instagram.

Meanwhile, if you'd prefer a sapphire look, try this dark blue ring with an unusual setting, which is sure to go down well as a gift.

Hopefully this has offered you some inspiration on what to buy for those December babies on your list!