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January's necklace of the month: Our versatile mixed-metal chain

With the new year now in full swing and all the festivities having died down, it's not unusual to feel a little bit glum in January. Evenings are still dark, there's probably still a while to go before your next day off and we've probably got quite a lot of cold weather to come before spring finally arrives.

To cheer us up, we often choose a piece of inexpensive new jewellery to add to our wardrobe this month. It gives us a boost when we see it in the mirror, can jazz up dull outfits and won't break the bank after the spendfest that was Christmas.

However, if you want to do the same, how can you choose between all of the items on show on the pages of the Majique website? There's so much there and we don't want you to be paralysed by indecision.

That's why we want to make it easy for you. Every month, we'll select jewellery items and highlight them for you as our choice of the month. They'll usually be suitable for daytime or evening, meaning you can swoop in, put them in your basket and check out with minimum fuss.

You can also bank on them being right on-trend, as we hand-pick our items from a selection of jewellery makers based on their style credentials.

For January, our necklace of the month is the beautiful multi-strand, multi-tonal chain.

Why we love it

We don't know about you, but we're always ready for something that feels a bit fresh and minimal in January. The festive season is all about bling, excess and statement pieces, so it feels good to slip on accessories that are stylish yet understated once all the tinsel has been stashed back in the attic.

This necklace is just that - you can tell it's a fashion piece, but it's not in-your-face about it. As an accessory, it would be equally at home teamed with a cosy jumper for weekend as it would against a white shirt and blazer for work.

It's also a mixture of rhodium, gold and rose gold tones, which continues to be in fashion going forward through the late winter months and means it won't clash with anything in your existing wardrobe of either clothes or accessories. There's the added bonus of it looking more expensive than it is thanks to the metals too.

Finally, we've thought about practicality with this piece. The necklace has an easy magnetic fastener, so it's ideal for snapping on quickly during these dark mornings. There's nothing to catch on scarves or pinch the skin either, making it comfortable enough to wear all day - you'll feel dressed up without having to pay attention to it.

Where you can get it

You can get your hands on January's necklace of the month here, where it's part of our large magnetic collection. We're expecting plenty of new arrivals for 2018 too, so do keep checking back for updated items whenever there's something you need.