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How to go big without going OTT

There's nothing better than big and bold jewellery when it comes to making a statement. However, if you get it wrong, big pieces can look completely over the top, unbalance your ensemble and not really suit your features.

This doesn't mean you're stuck wearing small and subtle jewellery though, as there are a number of tricks you can use to go big with your statement look without going OTT. These tips will help you get to grips with statement pieces, show them off in the best possible way and match them with your style.

Choose your focus

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with big jewellery is to go big with everything. Large earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings don't all work together, and you can be left looking like you're heading to an '80s party.

Instead, you need to choose the focal point of your outfit, as this will determine which large item of jewellery you wear. As bigger pieces catch the eye, you want to make sure the rest of your look will show it off and not clash.

This doesn't mean you can't wear other jewellery, just be sure to keep it simple. For example, this multi-tonal hoop statement necklace will work really well with these subtle black and silver stud earrings.  

Consistent style

While contrasting a few aspects - such as colour - can help make more of a statement, trying to wear numerous styles at once can be a bit much, especially if you're also going big with your jewellery. You're best off sticking one main style and sticking with this throughout your look.

You can add small accents from different looks to help show off your main style, but these should be subtle so they don't contrast too much with your focal piece of jewellery. Having too many aspects of an ensemble vying to be the main attraction can mean your outfit ends up giving people a headache.

Keep it simple

The best part about big jewellery is that it draws the eye due to its size. This means you don't need loads of other bells and whistles to ensure you stand out, which is why you should try to keep it reasonably simple.

This doesn't mean plain silver or gold, as you can include details even if a piece is big. What it does mean is sticking with a couple of main colours, opting for simple patterns and not having jewellery covering huge areas of your body at the same time. 

If a piece of jewellery does have a fair bit of detailing, balance this out by keeping your outfit simple - there's a reason you should always have an LBD in your wardrobe after all. This will stop anything else clashing with your jewellery and keep you looking glam.

No matter what your style, you'll find the right big jewellery to wear with it in our collection. Explore it here