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How to style your little white dress for summer

If there's one thing that looks great throughout the summer season, it's a white dress. Whether you're off sunning yourself in a tropical climate or trying to make the most of the British weather, white dresses look clean, chic and sophisticated.

No matter what your skin tone, hair colour or style, there is a white dress out there that will look amazing on you - especially if you accessorise it properly. So, whether you want to rock a boho chic style, embrace sheer fabrics or go simple and subtle with your white dress, use our tips to make it look its best:

Metallic tones

While white dresses look awesome with most colours, metallic tones really pop when teamed with them and are perfect for making the most of sunny days. Yellow gold, silver and rose gold are all shown at their best against a white background, allowing them to really stand out.

This means metallic bags, shoes and belts are great options. On top of this, simple metallic jewellery is a fab way to go and pieces like this textured rose gold statement necklace will complete your look. 

Colourful scarf

If you want to add a splash of colour to your ensemble, a scarf is the best option. Wearing a bold scarf loose around your neck or using it as a wrap will help to show off the crisp tone of your dress and ensure the colours really make an impact.

Stacked bangles

White dresses basically offer a blank canvas that allows you to introduce a lot of detail to your outfit. With bracelets and bangles being must-wears for SS17, this means you can go all out with layering them up. 

Stack styles like this silver and turquoise textured bracelet with other similar styles to create a cohesive look. Alternatively, go big with our stunning gold and green stone statement bangle.

Long necklaces

A way to add texture and focus to your white dress instantly is to wear long necklaces, which will be shown off perfectly against the plain fabric. You can layer these up, wear a simple design or go big and make a statement, depending on the look you're going for. 

This rose gold long chain necklace is a great option that can be worn on its own or teamed with other necklaces.

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