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How to wear yellow gold for maximum impact

As we like to mention regularly on these pages, some jewellery never goes out of fashion because it is timeless and classic. There's simply always a place for it, no matter what you're wearing.

However, there are times when certain items or looks are less in vogue with the big fashion houses and don't get as many mentions because other things are taking prominence.

Up until recently, this was the case with yellow gold. It was getting overlooked in favour of its white or rose-toned counterparts and there was a perception that it was for an older audience.

Millennials in particular were perhaps of the mindset that there were more stylish pieces available in white gold, possibly because the only jewellery they had seen in yellow ... well, wasn't that pretty.

However, this is a misconception - and it's now being corrected, because yellow gold is once again rising to prominence in the fashion world and getting featured in all the biggest magazines, as well as on the runways.

Like we said, we never fell out of love with yellow gold tones. However, if you're out of the habit of wearing this colour, then now's a great time to give it a try because there's just so much available.

If you're still not sure, here's some advice and our top tips on how to wear yellow gold tones for maximum style impact.

All skintones can embrace it

It's often said that warmer skintones tend to look better in yellow gold, but this needn't be the case. Actually, this metal usually looks great on redheads, who typically have the palest complexions of all. If you're quite pale, try going for a yellow gold that has an antique or brushed effect because it will soften the hue against your skin. This antique gold-toned necklace is a good example.

Don't be afraid to make a statement

Chunky yellow gold pieces are really fashionable right now, so do give them a go and step outside your comfort zone. A statement ring is a good place to start, but we love this bracelet with gold spikes - and this gold-toned necklace for when you're really ready to shout your love of yellow gold from the rooftops.

Mix your metals and colours

It's hugely trendy to mix metals this season and it's another myth that gold doesn't look good with other metals and stones. In fact, it looks really striking with other tones of gold, as you can see with this set of stackable rings, as well as with gemstones in colours like blue. 

Remember the classics

If you're not used to statement or chunky jewellery, there are still plenty of stylish options available to you in yellow gold. A dainty pendant always looks good, as does a simple gold-toned bangle. For a twist on a classic, this bracelet has vertical bars. And don't forget that a pair of gold hoops are the perfect finishing touch to an outfit, plus they're bang on-trend right now.

As you can see, yellow gold doesn't deserve the negativity it seems to have built up lately. We love it, and we'd love you to give it a chance using these top tips too!