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Jewellery expert offers tips on building a look

You know we're obsessed with jewellery here at Majique, so when we hear other people talking about it, we always prick up our ears to see if there are any new trends going on or style tips we can glean.

This week, co-founder of luxury brand Atelier Romy Sabine Roemer has been talking to the Telegraph about the merits of great pieces of jewellery - and while you might not quite have the budget for any of hers, you can easily extrapolate what she says to cover your styling with our affordable necklaces, earrings and more.

Sabine said she loves jewellery because you can use it to really express your personality and how you're feeling.

''We use it to dress up, dress down and to reflect our mood," she commented. ''That's the special thing about jewellery."

When asked for advice on using jewellery as a focal point, the expert said you need to think about balance.

''When I'm getting dressed, I start with the jewellery I want to wear that day. I think you should choose between big earrings and a big necklace - the two together isn't a good idea," she commented.

A great look, Sabine said, is a pair of statement earrings with a high-collared blouse and an updo, since this is chic but also emphasises the accessories.

And if you're having one of those days and feel like treating yourself, Sabine advised that you can't go wrong with something to accessorise your wardrobe.

"The beauty of jewellery is that it's always flattering and it always fits, so this saved me. I've invested more money in jewellery than clothes over the years because it is long-lasting," she said.

We'd absolutely agree with this - a good necklace is something you can carry on wearing season after season if it's a piece you really love.

And if you'd like a pair of statement earrings to copy the look suggested by Sabine, we'd recommend these quirky ones, which are nice and colourful for this time of year.