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Jewellery of the month: Layered necklaces

One of the simplest ways to add more interest to any outfit is to introduce a textured element. No matter what you're dressing for or the colour you're wearing, adding texture to a look can make all the difference. This is why we are loving layered necklaces this month. 

Layered necklaces are a great way to add a little something extra for both day and night, allowing you to elevate your ensemble with minimal effort. Whether you choose a simple option or opt to add in a bit of bling, they are sure to add an extra on-trend touch to your wardrobe.

While you can create the look by wearing several necklaces at the same time, this isn't always the easiest option. This means you need to find necklaces that work together, are different lengths to ensure they can all be seen, and ensure they all go with your outfit.

To help make this style easier to wear, we've got a great range of layered necklaces that you can just put on and go without any extra fuss. This allows you to inject some extra colour to your outfit with minimal effort while also ensuring you fit with this trend. 

Here are some of our favourite options that we're sure you're going to love: 

Lots of sparkle

We love layered styles, but we also love a bit of sparkle, which is why this rose gold and taupe statement layered necklace is a definite winner. 

It features layered leather cords in a subtle taupe shade that will look lovely with a range of different colours. The tone also matches the rose gold metal of the pendant perfectly, creating a soft look that is incredibly flattering.

The pendant itself has four glass crystals, each of which is on a separate drop. These are different lengths to further the layered look and add even more texture. 

With a metallic fastening, the whole piece is modern, pretty and incredibly easy to wear for both day and night.

Simple geometrics

Geometrics are another trend for SS17 and you can easily combine them with the layered style to ensure your look is perfect for the season. Our rose gold layered circle necklace is a great choice and an easy to way to make a statement. 

Rather than a layered chain, it features three rows of circles in alternating sizes, which partially lay on top of each other. The design adds a lot of texture despite being so simple, while the colour is also totally on-trend. 

Team it with simple hoop earrings or square bangles to continue the geometric look in an easy way. 

Layered chokers

Chokers may be a great simple option when it comes to jewellery, but this doesn't mean they can't be part of the layered trend. In fact, they are a great option if you like to wear necklaces of different lengths at the same time, especially if you opt for our black and silver layered choker necklace

This piece features two black cord necklaces of slightly different lengths and a longer silver chain necklace, all of which share the same fastening. Each layer has a simple silver embellishment to add a bit more interest to the look.

It also has an adjustable fastening so you can set it to the right length for any outfit.

To work this trend this season, explore our full range of necklaces here