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Summer holiday jewellery you need

Now that August is here, you can start packing for your summer holiday. It doesn't matter if you're hopping on a plane to relax on a hot beach somewhere or simply heading to another part of the UK, you definitely want to look good wherever you go.

While the perfect swimwear and wardrobe are obviously going to be important options when it comes to putting everything in your holiday suitcase, you also need to think about your jewellery. 

Jewellery is the perfect way to finish off any outfit, but when it comes to going on holiday, you need to pick what you pack carefully. After all, you don't want to have to drag your whole collection with you, especially as you won't end up wearing it all.

Instead, you want to pack a variety of jewellery styles and pieces that can be mixed and matched throughout your holiday. This will keep each outfit current and ensure you never need to repeat an outfit. With this in mind, here's some of the summer holiday jewellery you should make sure you have:

Gold hoop earrings

Whether it's day or night, gold hoop earrings are one of the easiest items of jewellery to wear and they go with so many outfits, including bikinis. To ensure you can wear yours with as much of your holiday wardrobe as possible, keep the style simple and don't go too bright with the shade of gold - although you can opt for rose gold to be really on-trend.

Our textured gold hoop earrings are a great choice and are sure to look awesome with any summer outfit. Team them with a choker, rings or layered bracelets to keep your style fresh this season.

Subtle bangles

Bangles can be used to add a subtle touch of sparkle to an outfit or make a big statement, meaning they are a great option to have at the ready in your suitcase. You can combine colours, finishes and textures to create a varied look, which means you can literally throw on all your bangles at once if you want to. 

Items like our knotted bangle and our quote bracelet can be worn together or individually, allowing you to create a huge number of ensembles. 

Pendant necklaces

A pendant necklace is always a solid choice no matter what you're wearing or what you're doing. They can also be layered up like bangles to create different looks really easily. With this in mind, it is a good idea to pack a few pendant necklaces that have different length chains, as this will make layering even easier.

You can even opt for pendant chokers, as well as long necklaces - like our hematite and gold chain necklace - to really alter your look and ensure you've got some sparkle for every day of your holiday.