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Trade Alert: Bohemian style is back once again

If there's one thing we can pretty much guarantee about summer fashion, it's that the boho look will make an appearance again at some point around Summer Solstice.

We don't know what it is about this kind of weather and this type of look, but we can't resist getting out the floaty white cheesecloth skirts, cowboy boots and fringed tops and wearing them at every opportunity once June rolls around.

This is no bad thing, because it's a) very easy to wear no matter what your shape and size and b) a great alternative to whatever other fashions are doing the rounds in any given year. If you don't like what you're seeing in the magazines, just get your boho on and you'll always be appropriately dressed. Even if it's raining. In fact, especially if it's raining, because some of these hippy chic outfits have defined wet festivals over the years.

The evolution of boho

?Hippy, bohemian style really came into its own in the 1960s and 1970s, when an environmental movement together with a revolution in personal liberties made people feel really connected to the earth and a feeling of free spiritedness that they expressed in their easygoing clothing.

There was a resurgence in the 1990s thanks to another push forward in environmentalism, when we saw tie dye, minidresses and Doc Marten boots combined with Wiccan-themed emblems to great sartorial effect.

Finally, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and the rest of the so-called Primrose Hill set kick-started another golden era for boho circa 2003, which is when we all copied disc belts, short cheesecloth ra-ra skirts and ankle boots all summer long.

Since then, we've never really stopped loving boho - and it evolves each summer into something fresher yet still true to its roots.

What constitutes boho?

The key things about the boho look are neutral, autumnal tones like creams, browns and russets offset with bright, jewel-toned accessories in shades like turquoise and red.

You'll see lightweight, often loose-fitting and floaty garments, plenty of crochet and cheesecloth, but also denim in the form of ragged, cut-off shorts. Maxi dresses and skirts define this look too, but mesh is increasingly coming in as a way to show off the figure without being OTT.

That's another key thing about this style: it's ethereal and alluring as opposed to being overtly sexy, which is good for summer when you want to be cool but not necessarily flashing the flesh.

Key pieces and patterns

Top things to look out for if you want to create a hippy feel for summer include:

• Fringed vests
• Suede
• Knitted geometric ponchos
• Maxi skirts
• Paisley
• Cowboy boots.

It's all about peace and free spirits, so feel emboldened to make this look your own - and if you're a jewellery buyer, encourage your customers to do the same by giving them ideas for outfits that they can wear alongside the pieces you sell.

All about the accessories

Boho chic just wouldn't be the same without the accessories, namely headscarves, belts and plenty of dangly earrings.

This is where you can add colour to your ensemble and flatter it with metals including silver and antique gold tones, with turquoise looking particularly good at this time of year.

Don't opt for staid studs here - instead, think the more elaborate, the better. We love these tassel earrings, which have pom poms and all sorts going on in rich shades of red and pink.

There are also these beautiful tear drop-shaped chandeliers in turquoise and red, and these really long earrings with intricate beading that will look great against a crisp white dress.

We've also specially selected this style in enamel and silver tones, which is still boho but also bordering on geometric if you just want to dip your toe in the hippy waters first.

At Majique, we have tons of jewellery in a similar vein available for the summer (we haven't even mentioned dreamcatchers yet, for instance), so put your feet up, have a browse and stock up your shop this Summer Solstice.