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Trade alert: Bridal beauty - how to help your brides sparkle this wedding season

As soon as spring arrives, it seems the whole nation goes wedding crazy - and this year, the effect is emphasised by the impending royal wedding that we're all looking forward to.

We bet that most of you will be attending someone's nuptials over the coming months as wedding season hots up, plus your customers are sure to be too. They might even be planning their own special days, which means that you could have a lot of people on the lookout for accessories to complement their outfits in the weeks ahead. 

Anticipate the market

As jewellery buyers, that means it's your job to ensure you've got a great range of products in stock to cater for every eventuality and all tastes.

Especially important is your range of bridal jewellery, as necklaces, earrings and bracelets are a huge part of every bride's repertoire. It's the one day when she wants to look perfectly put together for all those photos, so it just won't do to throw on an old piece of dress jewellery; she'll want to select something fantastic that reflects the beauty of her dress.

However, the amount of choice out there can be dizzying, so putting together some key looks for brides to spot and weigh up might work really well for you in terms of demonstrating what's available and showcasing it 'in action' as part of your shop displays.

How you can help the bride

First of all, brides will have bought all the wedding magazines the second they were engaged, so they're going to be on top of what's on trend. This means that you should be as well and need to stock up on fashionable bridal jewellery for them to choose from.

Secondly, you can show them how to complement their dress with the perfect accessories by mirroring its style. For instance, if the gown has diamantes sewn in, accessories can pick up this accent and also be sparkly. Pearls on dresses can be reflected with pearls in earrings, perhaps.

Finally, you can demonstrate how you're an expert on bridal fashion by presenting a guide to the best jewellery to wear with different necklines and hairdos. Dresses with collar necklines will be flattered by chandelier drop earrings and no necklace, while open necklines, updos and an expanse of décolletage are going to suit more of a statement necklace, for example.

Emphasise to them that they want their jewellery to look fabulous without stealing the limelight.

Don't panic - stock up now!

The recent warm weather might have made wedding season feel perilously close, but the jewellery trade buyers among you still have time to act now in order to ensure customers have plenty of stock to choose from.

At Majique, we can supply a range of bridal jewellery ready for the summer and beyond, which this season is centred mostly around all things sparkly. We love these cubic zirconia stud earrings shaped like flowers, while these have a small drop and feature both diamantes and pearls.

This super-sparkly necklace would look good in any bridal portrait and flatters the neckline with its cubic zirconia flowers that get larger as you get to the front and smaller again towards the nape of the neck.

There's a matching bracelet too, which will be secure enough for a busy day and evening thanks to its ladder clasp.

However, this is just a small sample of what we have available, so do browse the website, get in touch if you need help - and be ready to become the first port of call for brides on the lookout for wedding jewellery experts!