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Trade alert: It's partywear time again, so round up the jewels!

If there is one thing that's keeping us going through the cold mornings and dark nights, it's the thought that the Christmas party season is just around the corner again.

We might not be anywhere near ready for the big day itself, but the prospect of rocking around the Christmas tree with a cocktail in hand and access to a cheeseboard always generates a little frisson of excitement.

With the festive season almost upon us, many people will already be planning their outfits for the various bashes they've been invited to - and that means that, as jewellery buyers, it's time to get cracking and stock up on the costume jewellery they might have their eye on.

This time of year can be an expensive one and plenty of savvy fashionistas will be looking to reuse dresses, jumpsuits and other attire they already have, only with a fresh twist.

Since jewellery can really finish off an outfit and costume accessories won't break the bank as a treat, it's highly likely they may be thinking of recycling a trusty LBD but updating it with a fabulous new necklace, for example.

If you ensure your store has a range of pieces from all the different trends this season, you should guarantee you're their one-stop party shop for 2018.

But what exactly are the big jewellery trends this party season? We've taken a look around some of the biggest brands and fashion mags to round up a few for you below.

Anything with texture

Textured fabrics have been huge news lately and there is an array of velvet, satin and organza in the shops for us to adorn ourselves with.

Anyone who has velvet shoes or a velvet dress may seek to complement it in accessory form, so look no further than this velvet choker for the perfect finishing touch.

Fringing is also still on-trend as autumn draws to a close, meaning these earrings with gold-toned fringing and a 70s vibe will be ideal.

Classic jewels

There is a very vintage feel again when it comes to jewellery this season, meaning you'll see plenty of classic-inspired pieces adorning wrists and décolletage.

Think pearls, glass beads and anything else that looks as though it has come from the 1920s and The Great Gatsby.

To get this look, we love these vintage-look chandelier earrings and this necklace with grey pearls and sparkles for a contemporary twist.


Christmas is the one time of year when more is more and you can get away with piling on as much bling as possible, so 'showstoppers' is a festive trend that will return every year.

People love sparkle with their party dresses, so offer it to them in the form of this really blingy necklace and this diamante bracelet with a T-bar fastener.

You can also showcase statement pieces like these unusual earrings with a blue stone and hoop combination, which will help anyone who doesn't want to blend in with the crowd.

As you can see, we've got the party season well and truly covered here at Majique, so place your orders now, show off what you've got and enjoy a dazzling month of retail in December.