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Catch up with colour pop necklaces

Casualwear is calling out for colour this season, so it's time to brighten up your day wardrobe.

Jewellery can be worn at any time and there's no reason to save it all for the evening.

This month I'm really enjoying the colour pop trend and am trying to use it as often as possible in my day outfits.

I love this cute multirow fuchsia cord friendship necklace, with its silver finishing, ball detail and magnetic fastening - it's both fun and girly.

There are loads of colours to choose from, but to match my new magenta lipstick this one is perfect.

You can also contrast a couple of colours together and use them to bring out accent colours elsewhere in your outfit or to highlight newly-manicured nails.

Just make sure to grab your sunglasses to fully embraced your colourful, summery new look.

Posted by Sophie