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Don't like sparkle? Go for wood-look jewellery

While high shine and glitter are key looks for winter fashion, some people can find them a cold option for their personal style.

If you aren't a fan of the glitz and glam of Christmas, why not go for something a little bit different? 

Wood look jewellery adds a touch of warmth to your accessories and steps away from from sparkling gems, diamantes and gleaming metals.

This more natural looking jewellery incorporates brown and amber tones that will play off well against white fashions, which are popular right now.

Even though this style of jewellery doesn't include sparkle, you can still create a statement look with it. 

These wood-look statement earrings are perfect for drawing the eye in a way that differs from the main trends of the season. 

With wood-look beads and a worn metal, the earrings have a lightly distressed look that makes them perfect for casual wear.

Alternatively, you can go for these wooden disk earrings, which have a more prominent wooden look to them for extra warmth, while still making a statement.