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Jewellery of the week: Ornate patterns

Heading into SS15 two of the biggest pattern trends are florals and geometrics. With bold prints and bright colours being the order of the season, these patterns have had a bit of a statement makeover.

However, these in-your-face looks may not be suited to those who are looking for a more subtle way to stand out. It you want to go for something a bit softer then classic, ornate patterns could be the way to go.

These styles are also on-trend and will tie in to monochrome and pastel fashions easily.

Teaming jewellery or accessories that feature elegant patterns - like this beautiful and delicate silver patterned statement necklace - with black and white outfits will help to offer a softer edge. This is especially the case if you are rocking typically harsher colour combinations, such as stripes, which create a strong contrast with straight lines.

In these cases, ornate patterns will offer a stunning and effortless contrast, which will draw the eye and introduce a gentle, feminine aspect to the modern outfit. 

When it comes to pastel shades, ornate jewellery and accessories fit perfectly. They help to enhance the subtle style and add a bit of bling without going too over-the-top. If you're wearing spring's favourite high-necked pastel skater dresses, you can add more interest by teaming them with elegant collar style necklaces.

Ideally, your patterned jewellery should make use of simple colours and minimal embellishments. This will ensure the pattern is the main focal point and that there isn't too much going on, which can make an ensemble look too busy and totally unbalance it.  

Something like this gold braided cuff bracelet is a lovely choice as although the pattern is simple, the use of thin strands of metal makes it look more intricate, tying it in perfectly with this look. It will also add texture to an outfit, making it a good choice for teaming with simple clothing styles.

If wearing this trend, choose single, statement pieces rather than layering up different patterns in order to ensure that focus is directed to key areas of your ensemble.