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Sofia Vergara 'feels naked without jewellery'

Sofia Vergara is famed for her love of glamorous, oversized jewellery especially when it comes to enormous chandelier earrings and chunky rings.

The fashionable 41-year-old has become so well known for her jewellery choices that she joked this week that she never goes out without it and feels bare when she doesn't have any on.

Appearing on the Chelsea Lately show she stepped onto the set with none of her usual statement jewellery on, prompting questions about her lack of accessories from the host.

Sofia replied: "Oh my god, everybody's fired! My assistant, my publicist - they let me out with no jewellery! I have never done this.

"Do I have underwear on?! I have never done anything without jewellery, I feel naked!"

If like Sofia you're rarely spotted without some form of bling it's important to have a few go-to pieces in your jewellery box which you can easily mix and match with any look.

A simple pair of oversized diamante stud earrings or hoops are a great choice for when you're in need of accessorising.

Posted by Sophie