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Trade alert: Try mood-boosting fashion jewellery to cheer up January

We're now back into the swing of a normal working week, with Christmas but a distant memory and Blue Monday - said to be the most depressing day of the year - almost upon us.

It's fair to say that many of us will not be feeling our best right now. However, jewellery buyers shouldn't be feeling the January blues - because they could represent an important opportunity.

Plenty of consumers are likely to be looking to treat themselves in a bid to get through this most dreary of months, with cheap fashion jewellery a popular choice because it's a quick pick-me-up without breaking the bank.

As retailers, you can capitalise on this by not only stocking up on plenty of these 'treat yourself' pieces, but also by actively marketing them as mood-boosters.
What you want to do is promote particular accessories as part of a mood-boosting workwear wardrobe, leaving people aspiring to have them in the hope that they can make their working week that little bit more palatable and positive.

Here are some ideas on looks you could sell and the costume jewellery that would fit the bill.

1. Accessories to flatter the figure

Many people will be feeling the effects of overindulgence at this time of year, but jewellery can help before the gym membership pays off. Long necklaces can actually have the effect of streamlining the figure and drawing the eye away from lumps and bumps. Worn with vertical stripes, a long pendant may help women feel more confident, which is ideal in January.

This long, two-layer necklace from Majique is great for this, so promote it alongside other figure-flattering outfits for maximum results.

2. Pearls for the complexion

Vegetables probably won't have been high on the agenda in December, which means many people's complexions are likely to be suffering now.

However, did you know that pearls can be an instant lift for any skin tone? Show yours off and point out that when worn as earrings, they could provide a mood boost whenever their owner looks in the mirror - try these studs for an inexpensive option.

3. Rose gold to make you feel good

Rose gold is known for being a colour that soothes the soul and suits almost everyone, so jewellery buyers might want to stock up on it for the January treats market. We love this necklace, which has statement rose gold swirls on a leather cord for a big impact in the boardroom.

4. Fashion prints in costume jewellery form

Prints are big news in fashion, but people might not want to invest in an entire outfit if they have no plans to go out this month. However, they may be willing to buy cheap jewellery, so find some pieces with prints to capitalise on this.

Our tortoiseshell-look collar necklace will complement any black suit and gives the effect of leopard-print without being too showy. 

5. Making a statement

Something fun and funky to wear can make you smile every time you see it, which is a feeling you'll want to recreate for your shoppers.

While really loud costume jewellery might not be appropriate in the office, there are still plenty of accessories that will make a statement without being in-your-face. For instance, these stackable rings spell out 'dream' - and that could well be appropriate as your customers hope for exciting new opportunities in 2019.

Why not browse the Majique site now and look for more items that will give your shoppers the boost they need as they plough on through the working week?