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Trade alert: Pearls are back once again to adorn our autumn - and beyond

We don't know what it is about this time of year, but it seems to be the season for the return of the pearl. For the past few autumns, we've seen fashion houses fill their collections with pearly jewellery, showing that the popularity of the gemstone shows no sign of abating.

This year was no different, with your typical pearl being given something of a makeover for AW18-19, but coming back in vogue all the same.

We always get the question about pearls being seen as uptight and stuffy - a little too Stepford Wife to be what real fashionistas would wear.

Actually, that couldn't be further from the truth - thanks to unusual settings being used and pops of colour, they now have a really chic edge to them that even the coolest girls will want all over their Insta feeds.

The Jewellery London blog attended catwalk shows all over the world for AW18-19 and reported back that pearls were everywhere. From Paul Costello and Erdem to Burberry and Emilia Wickstead, designers sent them down the runways in the form of everything from oversized earrings to cuff bracelets and pendants.

There were no limits to when and how to wear them either, as both causal and evening looks were paraded for the front rows.

One big trend seemed to be colourful pearls, particularly those that are black yet have an 'oil-slick' look to them, known in the industry as peacock pearls. The blog recommended watching out for these, as they're a little rock chick yet still within the pearl stable.

Explaining why pearls have such an enduring appeal, Emily Barber of Bonhams told Forbes: "They embody sophisticated elegance. They are also immensely flattering to one's complexion. Quite simply, pearls never go out of style, so it's not surprising to see celebrities and the younger generation taking a shine to them."

That's true - pearls can work wonders at capturing light and illuminating your face, so they'll be a welcome addition to any wardrobe as daylight declines and we all get a bit pasty again!

Based on this, we'd say here at Majique that it's time for jewellery buyers to take a fresh look at pearls if they haven't already done so. Keep in mind that they can be fun and colourful, and showcase different ways to wear them for your customers.

For instance, demonstrate how they can add edge to an outfit comprised of jeans, boots and a slogan T-shirt, yet also glam up an LBD for date night.

We've got plenty of pearls in stock on our website, including a triple layer necklace that will make you feel just like royalty.

There's also a beautiful cameo brooch, which offers a really different way to wear pearl jewellery that should certainly stand out.

We love these long pearls for layering, or these in red if you'd prefer a splash of colour. There are also these unusual red studs to go with them, which perfectly fits the remit for colour mentioned above.

Get in with the in crowd and give pearls a go this autumn and winter!